36 Degrees!

So the other day my computer started an alarm. "BOOEEEP!! BOOEEEP!!" It started it's own tempature alarm while doing hardly anything. I took a look down and really.. not enough fans. My bios claimed a cpu temp of 67 degrees,...

I'm a robot

First off, I have to bring up this movie again. Secondly, I got suckered into one of those online test things again. Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?Brought to you by Rum and Monkey


First of all, everyone should know SkiFree. I heard rumors of a mac port but for now here's our 32 bit windows binary. =) Oh yea, I went skiing too!

Alex's Mail

I don't know when it started, probably a few months ago, but Alex, Alex My Cat, has started reciving things in the mail. I probably should have started writing these down but I'll add more as I think of them,...

Gallery Update

Yet another gallery update with a new logo! Ghettofabulous I know, font support in my install of Gimp is lacking. I was just sick of the faceless gallery logo. This time I bring you ratings! Not that I can give...

Roborooter FU

I have so much to say, but I won't be saying it today! I'm late for my own birthday! Here's why. Roborooter's own FU image generator! That link can have any filename and any message (even blank!) and it will...


The Sony PSP is an incredibly well designed beautiful useless machine. It's got a powerful processor, A beautiful screen, a wireless card, good battery life (if you don't use the UMD drive) and does squat with it. And Greg from...

If you run a store.

If you run a store, I highly suggest emulating this sign. Credits go to my Mom for sending me the pic.

Sarah's Birthday

Much fun. I'll write something later, this is just to remind me that I want to. And it's public because... you should know it was much fun. =D -Francis

Pleix films

If people are going to read this I might as well write a little. Pleix films I found this site from stumble a few months ago. It's got a bunch of weird and neat shorts heavily compressed and skillfully done....