I shut down my Moblog today. It turned up from some of the google searches I was doing with my various usernames over the years. Moblog is a place where you can send photos and it makes a little blog out of them. Not too much different from flickr or some of the other places on the net. When I joined up they didn’t even have a US presence it was or something.

Their main goal was to target the camera phone market and since I had just gotten a camera phone I was all over it. Something to do with the combination of slow internet and a crappy camera brings out my creative side.

I just spend the last half hour copying my posts into I gave them the correct dates and gave them all the moblog tag. The only thing I didn’t copy were the comments, it was a small tight nit community and I was new so people said hi. There wasn’t an easy way to import that so it’s lost to bits of time.

You can see them all at once by browsing the moblog tag.


This was Worth(1000) it

They don't have anything to hide.

Despite my title referencing worth 1000 this photos comes to us from Gizmodo’s own Photoshop contest. (Click the image to see more of it). I find this kind of stuff cute, but I think other people think I find it offensive. Not that I’m a great defender of art, but I’m a great believer in less surveillance. As England is proving, we as humans don’t know how to manage ubiquitous surveillance. Recordings are lost, they don’t seem to stop crime, and most footage nobody looks at. And even if we did, figure most of that out, who gets to watch everybody? Maybe they could make it a premium channel.

Back to art, Worth 1000 is a trove of quality “Photoshops”, they have themed contests, I highly recommend checking them out.


Rotating Banners

Now on every page you’ll get a different banner. Every single photo is taken by me (to the best of my knowledge – if you took it that will teach you to borrow my camera!) hand picked out of my gallery and then cropped and edited by me too to fit. I used iPhoto to crop the photos to get the aspect ratio (quick and easy) and then wrote a quick script to resize everything to fit.

find . -type f -exec convert {} -resize 970×140 {}.970×140.jpg \;

And that resized everything. I wrote a quick rand with a sprintf to generate the url. It’s not automatic – it wont detect new photos but I can take the time to edit the range the next time I take the time to edit hundreds of photos.

The real joy was finding a 97×14 swash of image I wanted to show. I’m not being sarcastic either. Everything looks different when put though constraints. It highlights parts of the photo that would otherwise be lost. Street signs stick out the most, I’ll have large photo of trees and I’ll have picked out a swash of photo I want to show and the street sign will be sticking up off to the side, but it stands way out where I didn’t even know it was there before. There is even one photo where I took two swashes out of, there were two different photos I wanted to show.

Enjoy =)

23 year old Throwies Part 1

So this past weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I had a lot of fun.
birthday bag all lit up
Normally I plan a party like this.

1) Pick a day (and forget to tell people right away)
2) Find a venue (my house, your house, whatever)
3) Add people
4) Add music
5) Add beer
6) (optional) Add hard liquor

And no matter what, as long as there are people + beer + music people seem to have a good time. Honestly I never though Id ever throw parties, but it’s worked out quite nicely a whole bunch of times. I think it started with just a few friends, and slowly expanded to have like 10, 15, 20 people at at time. Which is just right for my tastes. People I love having fun, that’s the idea.

For the record, the two photographers (minus a few camera phone pics by other people) were Mike and Jenny.

So for my birthday, I decided I wanted throwies. I got the idea from The Graffiti Research Lab, they developed them and gave them out to large groups of people encouraging them to “alter their surroundings”. One of their biggest targets was “The Alamo” or “The Cube” that’s in the village over on Astor Place. (I’m borring from wiki for the details, but I remember picking throwies off the cube after the event. Oh and I have to mention the unrelated Rubix Cube prank.)

the cube all lit up

So instead of buying beer in large quantities, I bought throwie parts. And with the help of the very simple instructions from instructables I decided on what parts to buy and after they arrived I stole a few rolls of packing tape from work, got a few box cutters (from my surplus order a few weeks ago) and I was all set. That’s literally all the preparation I did for my birthday.

So once people started showing up (a few I had to convince to leave a showing of “the life of Brian” at another party, I promised they could finish the movie at my house but once they saw the lights everybody forgot about it.) I sat them down at a table in the living room and showed them how to make a few throwies. Nobody .. well almost nobody knew that was coming, but as it turns out, arts and crafts (like this anyway) are a lot of fun, and people are easily bribed with pizza.

Working for pizza is a pasttime

Come back later for part 2.


Old photos

Jeaneatte sent me a few photos from a disk she found.

Jenny Disk

I took these on her old camera back in 1999, the album has a discription, though I admit I might have gotten the camera wrong.

I also started the old photo album, I want to add a lot more old photos here.