23 year old Throwies Part 1

So this past weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday. I had a lot of fun.
birthday bag all lit up
Normally I plan a party like this.

1) Pick a day (and forget to tell people right away)
2) Find a venue (my house, your house, whatever)
3) Add people
4) Add music
5) Add beer
6) (optional) Add hard liquor

And no matter what, as long as there are people + beer + music people seem to have a good time. Honestly I never though Id ever throw parties, but it’s worked out quite nicely a whole bunch of times. I think it started with just a few friends, and slowly expanded to have like 10, 15, 20 people at at time. Which is just right for my tastes. People I love having fun, that’s the idea.

For the record, the two photographers (minus a few camera phone pics by other people) were Mike and Jenny.

So for my birthday, I decided I wanted throwies. I got the idea from The Graffiti Research Lab, they developed them and gave them out to large groups of people encouraging them to “alter their surroundings”. One of their biggest targets was “The Alamo” or “The Cube” that’s in the village over on Astor Place. (I’m borring from wiki for the details, but I remember picking throwies off the cube after the event. Oh and I have to mention the unrelated Rubix Cube prank.)

the cube all lit up

So instead of buying beer in large quantities, I bought throwie parts. And with the help of the very simple instructions from instructables I decided on what parts to buy and after they arrived I stole a few rolls of packing tape from work, got a few box cutters (from my surplus order a few weeks ago) and I was all set. That’s literally all the preparation I did for my birthday.

So once people started showing up (a few I had to convince to leave a showing of “the life of Brian” at another party, I promised they could finish the movie at my house but once they saw the lights everybody forgot about it.) I sat them down at a table in the living room and showed them how to make a few throwies. Nobody .. well almost nobody knew that was coming, but as it turns out, arts and crafts (like this anyway) are a lot of fun, and people are easily bribed with pizza.

Working for pizza is a pasttime

Come back later for part 2.


Dear Roborooter.

I am at sarah’s. She is cool, and my girlfriend. She loves me. And wine. but maybe not as much as I love wine.


(that’s sarah’s laugh)

We just spend some time reading her old diaries from 1992, she says lots about herself from back then. Bad speller, angsty, named her diary chi-chi. It’s interesting. I used to write stories about kids who had aliens kill them and then the ambulance would come and the doctors would bring them back to life. But sometimes the kids couldn’t come back and the parents would be sad. I must have been like.. 4 or 5 years old.

They’d have me write a book in preeschool, now I don’t remember it too well. but they would have me tell a story and they’d write it down, and I’d draw pictures and then write the story back in the book. It would be a blank hard cover.

(Sarah just brought up a great book called “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” man I love that)

umm, dr Seuss is cool

ok that’s enough of this blast from the past roborooter diary inspired by a 8 year old sarah. Good night.


PS little sarah liked hotdogs

I’ve been waiting for one of you to finally admit it.

Something Positive hit something that’s been bothering me right on the nose today. (Well the other day really.)

It’s kinda scary to see how common your own problems can be or have been. Everyone likes to think that they’re unique but we all know that’s a fallacy. I have it on good authority that people have been around for a while and they’ve been interacting, thinking and acting a while longer.

I wonder if every thought has been thought, every scene acted, every fight fought, every faced kissed.

Bah, I’m just dimestoring. It’s been so long since I’ve spouted philosophy its all I can afford.


What’s in a blog

So I finish this big fight with my brother. It was needless and fruitless and it drove me nuts. The cause of all the madness, me trying to help my father.

Go figure.

So I did some good stuff today to unwind. I got to hang out with a very good friend of mine and watch Being John Malkovich.. the kind of friend who I haven’t seen enough of and I’d like to see more of. I did some work in the morning and got most of my domains straightened out. I had to use a lot of my skills to get things to move smoothly and I wasn’t even trying to do anything hard.

Frank kept asking me; “How is a normal person supposed to deal with this?”

They can’t. Thats why I think my business will work well even if its primary goal is small time.

I’m about to hit the sack, I stayed up to watch the season finale of The Sopranos. It was a good ending but a bad season, you won’t find any 4 dvd packs of this one. Only 13 episodes and half of them had little to no purpose.

Sarah yelled at me for giving away stuff, she wasn’t serious but it’s been on TV already so excuse me if missed it. Regardless I’m not going to say much more about the Sopranos, I just hope I don’t need to wait another year and a half for another season, they better put it back on normal rotation. (Never mind Alias was put on second half rotation for next year so the 4th season won’t happen for a while. I can’t say too many good things about the 3rd season though, Sydney doesn’t wear her bangs well, she shouldn’t be playing the hurt little girl character. And Vaughn doesn’t play the raging heart broken lover very well, I like the show and the characters but I was greatly disappointed this season.

So now for the point, what’s in a blog?
Do I use this space for random shit in my life? Do I gossip about my feelings for or about people? Do I account for my actions in life? or do I use this space to just vent?

I have no idea, but I’ll continue to write what comes to mind, in the mean time I’m starting my business. And apparently I haven’t told everybody, I’m moving back to Brooklyn and I’ll be here for a while. New Jersey was nice but I wasn’t flourishing there. My friends, my family, my work, and my home is here, and this is where I want to be. I’ll miss you rowan people but you won’t be far away. If we’re meant to keep in touch we will.

I’m also not returning to school in the fall, this next spring I plan to. But this fall I want to keep working on my business and my life. In the mean time I’ve got a list.

1) Get my self together
2) Fix up my apartment – I’ve put a lot of work into it already but I’m far from finished.
3) Help my parents clean out problem areas. – Currently they’ve taken enough of my help and I’m done for a while, but I’m a “strapping young man” and I know how to effectively clean and organize.
4) Make sure my business including MS 51 is running smoothly.
5) Do a double check on my self.

And then, once I have all that finished, I’m going and spending 2 weeks in london. I’ll have earned my vacation by that point.

I need a disclaimer at the bottom of wizard computing.
“All information is subject to change with out notice and all advice is to be followed at your own precaution.”

I’ll have to work on that a little, but I think it applies here too.

Good night all, hope your all getting by alright if not wonderfully. It’s just being wonderful is hard and is rare, so be happy when it happens but keep in mind it will happen again.

I miss you soo


This cat “Lokie” who isn’t really my cat was my cat for a nice amount of time before I moved. He’d climb the back of my chair and knock things off my desk to get attention and he’d sit in anything he could get “in” to just to do it, but I loved him and miss him.

Spring Break

So I’m back. A week later and few dollars richer. I’ve decided that I can’t wake up in the morning while in NYC. I’ve got an 18 year habbit of not sleeping at night in that city and while I tried quite hard, I could not break it. Thank god I have more luck here. (When I’m not up at this hour.)

I spent most of the week sleeping, I was going to say working but I slept through most of it. I did get a good 2 days worth in and got the cash to prove it. The only thing I’m stuck with is not knowing how to properly delete old backups automatically. A little shell script would do what I want but I was to tired to figure it out, and its probably not the best way to do things either.

On tuesday I got to spend a little time with Steff but I had to fight American Idol for it. American Idol is possibly the biggest waste of air time on TV, but I could be wrong that mob of midgets vs. and elephant thing was pretty crappy. I hate Fox more then Matt Groening.

Thursday I got sick because of some ill placed (and by placed I mean in my stomach) olives. But before my almost puking out an ill made hamburger (the burger was fine but it didn’t happen to be what I ordered) and a few olives I attended Fat Cat Billards which also happens to be a happening Jazz club.

I loved the musicians. I’m proud to say that the trumpet has become my favorite jazz instrument. The sounds that thing can make is awesome. It wasn’t about the sound, jazz never is, its about the emotions that the musician is conveying threw their music. I don’t think this bunch would ever be that expressive with anything else, not speech, not body language, nothing.

They also had a guest play with them. I can’t remember his name to save my life. But he was a drummer and he played more naturally then he walked or talked. Click for more on Fat Cat Billiards

Friday I drove 40 miles to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in Scarsdale NY. It was a good movie, I need to see it again under different circumstances when I’ve got less on my mind but I grasped enough of what Kaufman was thinking when he made it to make this viewing worth my while. If you don’t know I’ve got a thing for his movies. He’s probably one of the weirdest writers out there and thats why I think he’s one of the best (Reference The Icarus Project to see why being weird is a dangerous gift. Note: deserves a post on its own.) I haven’t seen all his movies yet (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is next in my Netflix Queue.) but Adaptation, Being John Malkovich and Human Nature (which is odd) have all turned out to be worth the $11.50. (Yes folks New York City is a rip off.) I’ve left each movie feeling confused, dazed, sad, happy, or in love. And each time impressed. As I said I’ve got a thing for his movies.

After the movie we went to a diner and spouted movie quotes. I had some interesting things I wanted to discuss about the movie. But I was quickly informed that I shouldn’t try to have a discussion. (Its been a long time since any of my friends turned down intellectual conversation.) so I joined in on the movie quotes. A few funny ones were said but in the end I was left hung up on wanting to convince people that a gag movie (Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back) wasn’t better then a Mislabeled Comedy (Its drama: Chasing Amy). It may have been more funny but it had no story. And being funny, while fun, gets old really fast. I can only laugh at “Cock Knocker” so many times. Which is totally alright because gags aren’t meant to last for ever.

I need to watch “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” again so I can figure out what I was thinking the first time I saw it and maybe talk with people about it.

I went home that night in a poor mood, I guess I wasn’t looking to drive so much for so little. I had originally planned to see it that morning in a local theater with someone I could talk to, but she couldn’t make it.

Saturday I slept a lot (much needed) and then fixed things, packed (forgot a shirt I bought and really liked and a flashlight – hoping to receive them in the mail soon), fixed things at my parents house and then went home. I did get to say hi to my ever interesting aunt who I should visit sometime soon.

As if I needed an excuse to flee to Seattle for a week or two. ;-)

Its ‘wayy’ past when I wanted to goto sleep, I would have gone to sleep hours ago but a friend I hadn’t seen in a while showed up and I went on a diner run with them. (Stupid friends working the night shift and never sleeping EVER.)

I’m glad I’m home. Even if this apartment is only going to be home for a few more months. (We’re all moving out if you didn’t know.) My most promising new home is a couple’s apartment. The couple are friends of Josh’s and they have a room mate moving out (going to germany or something odd). I don’t know them yet, nor do they know me but I’m told they’re nice people. Because I don’t know how that will pan out I’m still on the look out for 2-3 bedroom apartments and people who will want to live there. I shouldn’t have too much of a problem with that, especially since I plan on living on campus until I meet enough people that I can find 2-3 financially backed, sane room mates. I know its a tall order but I’m feeling hopeful.

I’m sleepy (by far) so I’m sleeping. Good night.


Love is Love

“Parts of the brain that are love-bitten include the one responsible for gut feelings, and the ones which generate the euphoria induced by drugs such as cocaine. So the brains of people deeply in love do not look like those of people experiencing strong emotions, but instead like those of people snorting coke. Love, in other words, uses the neural mechanisms that are activated during the process of addiction. ìWe are literally addicted to love,î Dr Young observes.”

What is love? Who knows? But this excerpt is from the Science of Love and it oddly enough all started with Voles.