I’m Francis Gulotta and this is my blog. You can dig as far back as 2001 I’ve been writing a while. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a large number of amazing people. Most of my work is in software development, a lot of my hobbies are too.

I started my career consulting with small businesses and schools. I moved into doing web development for startups. Had a few years in finance running a Network Operating Center at one of the largest private equity hedge funds in the world. And then left to join women’s career network as VP of Engineering.

Over those years I had helped build some of the best engineering teams I ever had the pleasure to serving on. In 2013 I decided to build my own team and start Wizard Development. We modeled our business around how we wanted to see software development teams hire and operate.

Since 2015 I’ve been running the Web Connected Devices initiative at Bocoup.

I’ve also had the pleasure of giving more than a few talks at conferences and meetups around the world. Including JSConf Brazil, jQuery Conf UK, JS Conf US, Brooklyn JS, and Manhattan JS. I’m also a founding member of Nodebots and I run Nodebots NYC.

I talk to a lot of people twitter where my name is @reconbot. Say hi!