Walking With a Ghost

Walking With a Ghost is a mostly live album (EP) by the White Stripes. The title song “Walking With a Ghost” is a nice cover of Tegan and Sara. The musical style is reminiscent of their album “Get Behind me Satan” which was released just previously. It’s somewhere between “Blue Orchid” and “Icky Thump”. Having not heard the original song I would have thought it was the natural evolution of their style and sound, but listen to Tegan and Sara’s version.

And compare it to the White Strips

If you go listen to Icky Thump, it all very similar in style. I don’t know Tegan and Sara too well, so I looked them up. You Tubing around finds a bunch of their songs and they’ve all gone different direction then Icky Thump. Which leads me to believe that Jack and Meg heard this lone song and liked it’s style, so they covered it. (I’m not saying they don’t like the others.) After all it does groove with their sound. It’s nice to discover where some of their musical influences come from.

Walking With a Ghost front cover
Walking With a Ghost front cover

MJ Had A Patent

Michael Jackson died yesterday prompting a DDOS attack on the worlds news orginizations and Google. Whatever became of him doesn’t change the fact he knew what he was doing when it came to putting on a performance and singing a song. I’m going to share one my favorite facts about him, he had a patent for shoes.

Method and means for creating anti-gravity illusion

Smooth Criminal Lean

No wires just shoes.

It’s fascinating to watch these videos, but boy is he ever weird.