Walking With a Ghost

Walking With a Ghost is a mostly live album (EP) by the White Stripes. The title song “Walking With a Ghost” is a nice cover of Tegan and Sara. The musical style is reminiscent of their album “Get Behind me Satan” which was released just previously. It’s somewhere between “Blue Orchid” and “Icky Thump”. Having not heard the original song I would have thought it was the natural evolution of their style and sound, but listen to Tegan and Sara’s version.

And compare it to the White Strips

If you go listen to Icky Thump, it all very similar in style. I don’t know Tegan and Sara too well, so I looked them up. You Tubing around finds a bunch of their songs and they’ve all gone different direction then Icky Thump. Which leads me to believe that Jack and Meg heard this lone song and liked it’s style, so they covered it. (I’m not saying they don’t like the others.) After all it does groove with their sound. It’s nice to discover where some of their musical influences come from.

Walking With a Ghost front cover
Walking With a Ghost front cover

MJ Had A Patent

Michael Jackson died yesterday prompting a DDOS attack on the worlds news orginizations and Google. Whatever became of him doesn’t change the fact he knew what he was doing when it came to putting on a performance and singing a song. I’m going to share one my favorite facts about him, he had a patent for shoes.

Method and means for creating anti-gravity illusion

Smooth Criminal Lean

No wires just shoes.

It’s fascinating to watch these videos, but boy is he ever weird.

Hitachi Hard-Drive Project

I found this piece of music a little while back. You can click the little play button to play it now.
Noriko Version

It was made for a Gizmondo competition by “Noriko” – Composed with sounds of a failing Hitachi hard-disk. I lost his link, but you can probably google for it. It’s really quite beautiful and peaceful. Though once I was diagnosing a laptop and this song came on and freaked me out. You never want want to hear these sounds coming from your computer.

Oh and if you ever do hear these sounds coming from your computer, turn it off (pull the plug) and call me. ;-)


Citizen Kane (The union forever)

The Union Forever
Words and Music by Jack White
Consists primarily of extracts from
The film “Citizen Kane” released in 1941
Written by Orson Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz
This post mostly written by Patrick Ferris and stolen from Broken Bricks

*Update* A video showing a lot of these parallels.


It can’t be love `1
For there is no true love `2
It can’t be love
For there is no true love

Sure I’m C.F.K. `3
But you gotta love me `4
The cost, no man can say `5
But you gotta love me

Well, I’m sorry but I’m not interested in
Gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate `6
What would I liked to have been?
Everything you hate `7

‘Cause it can’t be love
For there is no true love
It can’t be love
For there is no true love

There is a man `8
A certain man
And for the poor you may be sure
That he’ll do all he can
Who is this one
Whose favorite son
Just by his action has the traction
Magnets on the run?
Who likes to smoke
Enjoys a joke
And wouldn’t get a bit upset
If he were really broke?
With wealth and fame
He’s still the same
I’ll bet you five he’s not alive
If you don’t now his name

You said, “The Union forever” `9
You said, “The Union forever”
You cried, “The Union forever”
But that was untrue, girl


`1 “It can’t be love”
Performed by Bob Haymes and The Vagabonds in 1944 (after “Citizen Kane”)

`2 “It can’t be love / For there is no true love”
SINGER: It can’t be love for there is no true love, no true love
I know I’ve played at the game like a moth in a blue flame
Lost in the end just the same, just the same
All these years my heart’s floating around in a paddle of tears

`3 “C.F.K.”
Charles Foster Kane

`4 “But you gotta love me”
Kane: Whatever I do, I do because I love you.
Susan: You don’t love me. You want me to love you. “Sure, I’m Charles Foster Kane. Whatever you want, just name it and
it’s yours. But you’ve gotta love me!”

`5 “The cost, no man can say”
NARRATOR: For wife two, one-time opera singing Susan Alexander, Kane built
Chicago’s Municipal Opera House. Cost — Three million dollars.
Conceived for Susan Alexander Kane, half-finished before she
divorced him, the still unfinished Xanadu. Cost — No man can

`6 “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested…”
COWORKER: It’s from Mr. Kane.
SECRETARY: “Sorry. But I’m not interested in gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate.”
THATCHER: Not interested?

`7 “What would I like to have been? / Everything you hate”
THATCHER: Yes, yes. But your methods! Do you know, Charles never made a single investment? Always used money to–
KANE: To buy things. Buy things. My mother should have chosen a less reliable banker. Well, I always gagged on that
silver spoon. You know, Mr. Bernstein, if I hadn’t been very rich, I might have been a really great man.
THATCHER: Don’t you think you are?
KANE: I think I did pretty well under the circumstances.
THATCHER: What would you like to have been?
KANE: Everything you hate.

`8 “There is a man…”
SINGER: Good evening, Mr. Kane. There is a man.
DANCERS: There is a man.
SINGER: A certain man.
DANCERS: A certain man.
SINGER: And for the poor you may be sure that he’ll do all he can. Who is this one?
DANCERS: Who is this one?
SINGER: This favorite son.
DANCERS: This favorite son.
SINGER: Just by his action has the traction magnets on the run. Who loves to smoke?
DANCERS: Who loves to smoke?
SINGER: Enjoys a joke.
DANCERS: Ha ha ha ha.
SINGER: Who wouldn’t get a bit upset if he were really broke. With wealth and fame
DANCERS: With wealth and fame
SINGER: He’s still the same.
DANCERS: He’s still the same.
SINGER & DANCERS: I’ll bet you five you’re not alive if you don’t know his name.
KANE: I don’t know how to dance.
SINGER: What is his name?
BERNSTEIN: What is his name?
DANCERS: It’s Charlie Kane.
EVERYONE: It’s Mr. Kane. He doesn’t like the Mister. He likes good old Charlie Kane.
SINGER: Who said the Miss
EVERYONE: Who said the Miss
SINGER: Was made to kiss?
EVERYONE: Was made to kiss?
SINGERL: And when he meets one always tries to do exactly this. Who buys the food?
EVERYONE: Who buys the food?
KANE & SINGER: Who buys the drinks?
EVERYONE: Who buys the drinks?
KANE & SINGER: Who thinks that dough was made to spend and acts the way he thinks?
SINGER: Now, is it Joe? No, no, no, no.
EVERYONE: No, no, no, no….

`9 “The Union forever”
KANE (as a child): Come on, boys! The Union forever!
MRS. KANE: Be careful, Charles!

Louis XIV

This is my weekly top artists at Last.fm. Not at the time of this writing, but as of right now.

Last.fm is a music tracking service that lets you see what you’ve listened to and recommended what’s good. Part of their terms of service is that all your data is yours, free to delete and copy and access at all times. (Google has a similar outlook but I still haven’t seen ways of getting all your data out..) Now because that ticker is bound to change (and it will, the next time I listen to music) I’ll take a screen shot or what it says right now.

81 plays for Louis XIV! This doesn't include 95 from my ipod

That’s 81 plays in the past week not counting my ipod. I’m in love with Louis XIV and their sexy lyrics and their rocking beats. I was seduced by Paper Doll and it’s flaunting of sex and grittiness of it’s lyrics and singing. (The fact it was the music for Suicide Girls video I found a couple years ago didn’t hurt.) So I went and got the entire “The Best Little Secrets Are Kept” album and was blown away.


Now singing about sex and drugs and free love and the girl who (possibly) faked her death down the street is nothing new. (I still don’t understand “A Letter To Dominique) If that was the draw then I probably would have played out the tracks by now. It’s the course vocals (which I love because it doesn’t require me to sing well) and the amazing guitar work that has kept it fresh. My buddy (and music aficionado) Brian remarked he heard a lot of influences from Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz. Which isn’t light praise. (In a particular song which was probably my most listened to one Illegal Tender) They are some riffs that make me want to go learn how to play guitar.

Now I know I do this. I’ll find some new music and play it to death. I ruined some fatboy slim for Andrew a while back, which he responded with trying to ruin placebo for me (he failed it, even though his according to last.fm 1,634 plays completely dwarfs my 342). And maybe 81 plays of any band in just over a week is overkill (well.. don’t forget my ipod.. which has 95 plays! For a grand total of 176 plays!) but I’m in love with it and I’ll take too much of a good thing. =)

I recommend;
Finding Out True Love Is Blind
Paper Doll
Illegal Tender
Pledge of Allegiance
Hey Teacher

And in a class of it’s own (the last two songs are nice and slow)
Ball of Twine (which you should hear more then you should read)


I looked into your eyes
And pushed your buttons and levers
You said you’d see until we agree and kindly said whatever
And you like my loving better
Cause’ you said so in a letter, that said return to sender
My illegally illegal tender

It takes a lover, it takes a lover
It takes a lover that will love me like no other
It takes a lover, it takes a lover
It takes a lover that knows I love her like no other
(Louis XIV:Illegal Tender)

They’re opening up a commerce bank down the block.

I’m happy about the commerce bank being built down the block. The private parking lot was nice and all, and I did enjoy looking at the converted pig box that used to serve as a delivery.. vehicle, but I think the bank will be a lot more useful. I’ll be able to walk down the block to count my change for free. (oh and do banking and things)

I was looking for a link on the penny arcades but I found nothing that just showed what it was (it counts the coins) but I did find out that they’re easy to rip off. Apparently a bunch of them have been robbed. I just hope when I go to rob a bank my first instinct is to go for the spare change. I just hope they don’t have this guy working security. I took that friday night.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted (so sue me, cancel your subscription), I’ve been working mostly, taking breaks for trips to beaches and birthday parties. (Matt, I found your dream girl by the way.) And occasionally the friday night game of pool with Jason.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned my credit card fraud problem, I got most of my money back the other day (all but 4 bucks says quickbooks) and I’m sitting pretty about it. Now I just need to solve my no credit problem (more on that another day).

This is looking pretty attractive. There were talks with Tivo and netflix for a home “download” box where you could download your movies overnight and watch them as much as you want. Their always worried that it could be used for evil, like to copy the movies or something, but I can do that with dvds. I just did a quick Froogle Search I found out it runs around $600 bucks. No longer as attractive.

Don’t get me started on $800 dollars in one day, if you’ve heard my rant then you know I want my money back. Unfortunately the people who need to give my money back haven’t heard it yet. You know who you are! You best be better getting with the check writing you people you.
(I thank you Hawkeye Pierce)

On that note I watched The first DVD of Season 1 of Mash today. It’s a lot better without Devry Commercials or a laugh track. I love this show, every eyeful.

Good night folks, I’ll be here all week.


PS Look for new Audioslave, Cold Play, and The White Stripes