Jason is the motherfucking man

(Sorry kids get your parents permission before reading my title, or going outside, or enjoying life.. yea!)

So jason has created a masterpiece. Wizardcomputing.com validates perfectly!

Props man, props.


9 thoughts on “Jason is the motherfucking man

  1. So does this mean he’s the guy to go to for all your motherfucking needs? Since he’s apparently the man, he must be good at it, or am I reading into that word too much? How much experience does he have? I want a list of motherfucking references before I consider him as my main motherfucking man. I mean, I don’t want to be talking to someone and have them say “you know Jason? He’s a bad motherfucker”, you know? Oh, and just cause I’m curious, how much motherfucking money does he make?

  2. You know Andrew, you seem to use the word Motherfucker quite often. Just curious as to why? Second he never actually said Jason was “the” man, so just chill for a bit. Besides, I think we all can agree that I am the Man when it comes to sports and Lazertag and being tall and overall coolness and down with the Zen. And third of all Andrew, how come you dont return my calls? Just Curious. Oh by the way hey to all the people reading.

  3. Hi Brian!!! Hope life is good. Francis: Site looks good. So tired. Sister coming to visit, the one who likes to abuse you online when you aren’t there. Should be fun. Have two Russian tests next week, might fail miserably, going to see Bridget Jones tonight. Oh I saw a movie you might like recently, Saw it is by the Snatch people! It was weird but quite good, although you wouldn’t have me there to translate this time :-P Oh and I know it annoys you that my messages never have anything to do with your posts but yeah emailing is just a hassel so all the people who read your site are just going to have to put up with long ramblings sorry people. Anyway talk soon. Hope all is well. See you soon.

  4. According to Nick, Andrew is “The” man. And yes, you can go to Andrew for mad props. Brian, I love you, you will always be the Ladies Man.

  5. Not bad.

    Brian, how into zen/chan are you really? ‘Philosophically,’ ‘religiously,’ or ‘practically’? Do you practice zazen, and if so, where?

    Friends, let us not quarrel over names and definite articles.

  6. Jason-

    You are the Web Man. Looks good.

    But Francis-

    Shouldn’t “A Word form the President” be signed with a hyperlink? And you needn’t be so modest on the About page. It might be good to have a photo somewhere (if your photographing friends are still speaking to you!)

  7. What? You mean like a mailto link or something? Or maybe my name?

    Either way you should consider Wizard Computing.com incomplete, there’s plenty more we want to do.

    And as a rule of thumb, unless you are really attractive, don’t put a photo of you on your website.

  8. Well I just call it my zen cause thats what i call my peace of mind. Hello ellie how things on the other side of the pond, GO ARSENAL. Hey Steff thanks for the awesome nickname and I love you too.

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