Google goes "Holiday"

Merry Christmas everyone! No matter what religion you are. Google has a nice glowing logo today with out any mention of Christmas or Hanukkah, but when I did google searches for Christmas and Hanukkah and found these little easter eggs....


I waited for the subway for 3 hours today, what gives?

Right out of my life

I love you folks, but I have to say this comic couldn't have come at a better time.

Ehh, sickness

I'm a lot better, I'm not perfect, I'm still pretty sick, but I'm a lot better then I was. Alex didn't make me sick, I wasn't trying to suggest that, the cold, me forgetting to wash my hands a lot...

Ugg Sicknesss..

I was determined not to get sick this winter, I even went and bough some of that hand sanitizer for work. But.. alas, I'm sick. How did I get sick? How did a virus get past my gaurd and be...


SubEthaEdit is a really nifty text editor with sytax highlighting. What does that mean? <?phprequire_once('core/core.php');//header smarty$smarty->assign('title','Homepage');$smarty->assign('location','home');//end header smarty$smarty->assign('mainwelcome', 'Please choose a component to use.');$smarty->assign('maincomponents', array(        array('url' => 'dataimport/', 'title' => 'Data Import', 'desc'=>'This is where you manage importing datafiles.'),        array('url' => 'export/',...

Browser Wars

I found this one on Rocketboom today. Browser Wars! You can find the origional and credits at rocketbooms site.

Hobo Names

If you ever wanted to hear 500 hobo names, now you can. -Francis

Thanks for Giving

I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. I know I did. We drove out to Long Island my mother, father and I, my brother didn't come. He was invited but he's still got issues about being around the family, really,...