End of an era

My good friend Andrew works with my other good friend Brian at Lazer Park in time square. You might have remembered the place as having "the largest indoor arena on the east coast". It was a lot of fun, but...

Quick and dirty mosquito trap

Oh man, We all hate mosquito, we do. quick and dirty mosquito trap I'll make this when I go camping. This link thanks to Boing Boing

I'm in Seattle

So I forgot to mention that I'm in Seattle, well around it anyway. I left Thursday and I'll be back Tuesday the 30th.

Interactive Mosiac Zoom Photo Thing

Interactive Mosaic Zoom Photo Thing Just start clicking, you'll see, A lot of repeats the deeper you go, but there are some really good photos in there. I wonder if I could program this trick, use the photos from the...


Anyone who knows me knows I've had a lot of problems sleeping lately. And after staying up over 24 hours, I went to sleep around 10:30pm only to wake up around 4 this morning. Not no sleep, but not a...

Old photos

Jeaneatte sent me a few photos from a disk she found. Jenny Disk I took these on her old camera back in 1999, the album has a discription, though I admit I might have gotten the camera wrong. I also...

36 Degrees!

So the other day my computer started an alarm. "BOOEEEP!! BOOEEEP!!" It started it's own tempature alarm while doing hardly anything. I took a look down and really.. not enough fans. My bios claimed a cpu temp of 67 degrees,...

I'm a robot

First off, I have to bring up this movie again. Secondly, I got suckered into one of those online test things again. Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?Brought to you by Rum and Monkey


First of all, everyone should know SkiFree. I heard rumors of a mac port but for now here's our 32 bit windows binary. =) Oh yea, I went skiing too!

Alex's Mail

I don't know when it started, probably a few months ago, but Alex, Alex My Cat, has started reciving things in the mail. I probably should have started writing these down but I'll add more as I think of them,...