I figure I’m drinking 8 cups a water a day.

I know they say that’s the recommended amount of water to drink. Unless I’m strongly miscalculating I doubt that’s a realistic amount. I figure most people only drink maybe 4-5 cups a day. Even with all the water I’m drinking I’m still thirsty.

I don’t get it.

5 thoughts on “I figure I’m drinking 8 cups a water a day.

  1. that 8 cups includes water from food and everything else you drink, and even then, you may not really need that. i believe that was an estimate used by Dannon Marketing to try to sell their water to a health-conscious demographic…

    there must be some factors involved…activity, medication, other food you eat (your desire from water can stem from your body telling you its osmotic balance is off…and that you need more water…so maybe you have too much Na or something similar in your diet, or you need something else in addition to water…) do you take a daily vitamin?

    happy halloween, btw…miss ya, man.

    stay healthy, be sensible and logical, listen to your body, and don’t let the capitalist empire’s marketing geniuses run your life TOO much (because you KNOW that they’re going to have SOME hold over your life, no matter what, unless you live in a cave somewhere…)

  2. Well if someone to really drink 8 cups of water, I think they would be in a little room too often during the day if you catch my drift. I think I usually have like 3 or 4.

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