Maybe they should put a leash on him

(Unrelated title) So I went to work today, early. Which means I went to sleep last night, early. It was an odd sleep, maybe because I had slept past noon that day, or because I had to force my mind to save its thoughts for the next day, or maybe.. who knows. Anyway I slept lightly and woke easily. (never mind I fell back asleep unintentionally – I forgot to stay awake, waking up early isn’t habit yet.) I felt like I was barely on the surface of dreams. Time didn’t pass correctly either, I’d close my eyes and open them two hours later, and then the next morning. One moment was hours before the next and lasted no time at all.

Big change from the crazy winter dream I had the other night, the kind of dream that keeps me sleeping because my alarm will go off and I’ll want to see what happens so I go back to sleep. I was told that was odd, being able to return to a dream. All my life… scratch that. As long as I can remember, I’ve been able to sort of watch a dream like a movie. I’m still part of it and I do things and things happen but part of me is dreaming and the other part knows fully that it is a dream and as if it was reading a good book it wants to know what’s happening next.

I was in a lucid dream about a year ago (to be honest I don’t really remember when it was, or what it was even about – just that I was in my loft bed at my old apartment.) where instead of deciding to wake up (which I normally do for some reason) or fly around doing what ever I want, I just decided to play the dream, explore my subconscious. I kept waking up, not completely but I moved from subconscious thought to conscious thought and the dream would fade from me, so I’d have to move back again.

I love my subconscious.


Tonight I saw A Perfect Circle in concert. They were pretty good and who ever was managing the show did them justice. The lighting, the set, the sound it was wonderful that manager did right by APC.

I have also confirmed my belief that even though it’s an hour and 45 minutes away from here (as opposed to 30 minutes) the sound at PNC Bank Arts Center is twice times better then Camden’s Tweeter Center and that it vastly makes up for extra traveling.

I was smiling after the show and a waitress noticed at a diner afterwards and told me to never stop being happy. =)

I wish I was really happy – I’m working on it though. Self pity is a path that no one wants to read about. I’ve just been angry lately, at my self first and foremost, I’m really not doing well at this end of semester thing, and at… other people. I’m going to feign my oncoming panic attack and change the subject.

There’s some really cool stuff in the music world.
Let me get the small stuff out of the way.

Mini Kiss opened for tonight’s show. They were small, weren’t really playing musical instruments, and they sucked. But they were “little people” and they were dressed as Kiss, it was kinda neat.

The Burning Brides opened for APC. The were neither burning nor brides as Sarah pointed out. And they kinda sucked. But they had a chick bassist , and I’ve got a weak spot for chick bassist. (Women who play the Base guitar – I was using another word that was wrong – thanks to Andrew for the tip) Paz who used to play for APC but then joined Zwan (I saw her in concert) is a chick bassist. Unfortunately who ever the basest is in Burning Brides has no rhythm and it bothers me. She would play and play well but she would also attempt to move to the beat and would convulse instead. I couldn’t figure out how one could move to a completely different beat and still play the first one. Anyway APC after loosing Paz picked up James Iha who is dam good. (Iha used to play with Billy Corgan in Smashing Pumpkins.)

I started thinking that with all the people from all these bands working together (APC, Zwan/Smashing Pumpkins, tool, Manson and NiN to name a few) and trading band members, they must know each other well. Sarah assumes they’re all friends, while based in reality it’s really what she wants to be true. I figure they’re at least on each others Christmas lists.

I keep mentioning Sarah because she’s the one who played me APC for my first time, she’s also the one that got the tickets, and the one who knows more about these cool bands then anyone I know. Thank you Sarah!

I got to goto sleep. I apologize for the… mottled post but it is late and I am tired. Hope all is well in all your worlds because mine is about to become nothing but dreams. ;-)


PS Speaking of dreams I had an odd one the other day. I got married and I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I also belittled the patron of the hall where the reception was because he was charging for plates. It was odd…

I just heard 3 explosions, possibly gun fire, probably fireworks. I need to find a new place to live, I’m glad I’m moving out of this one.

“Also, I was standing in Target today and I almost started shooting people, but then I remembered I was real.” – In reference to playing to much GTA: Vice City on

I used to play GTA3 all day and then when driving on the road I’d size up Ambulances and Fire Trucks. To be honest it was kind of creepy.

On a slightly related topic I had an awesome dream where I had to fight some guy and his shadow with my sword so I could get my shield back. And then the 4 of us (we umm.. had just broken out of this castle and now we snuck back in to get our things?) had to fight this cool ghost ladies shadow which was pure evil and quite nasty looking.

Definite zelda influences I can’t say that I’ve seen any other game besides “Wind Waker” with that particular fighting style. (I don’t recall wearing green though…) And the ghost lady I think I picked up from an episode of Angle I saw the other day. I’ve also been playing a bunch of Jedi Academy but the dream was nothing like it so I dunno.

I’ve got to get some sleep, pack, and then say good bye to this place.