Yearly GPG Key

My GPG key for the next year can be found at his address.

I’ve had a few others for my address over the years, but somehow I always loose them. The private key that is. It’s usually because I don’t use them that much. There are only a handful of people out there I communicate with that know what gpg is, know how to use it, want to use it, and most importantly need to use it. That’s actually a tall order to fill.

So what happens to my keys that I loose? Well lets look for the public counterparts.

MIT PGP Public Key Server Search Results for

Public Key Server -- Index wizard at

Type bits /keyID Date User ID
pub 1024D/C556B1A8 2008/09/02 Francis Gulotta
pub 1024D/2B74810B 2005/01/27 Francis Gulotta
pub 1024D/C6677DA7 2002/01/08 Francis Gulotta

The first one I ever published was back in 2002 (Unless I submitted one earlier elsewhere, damed if I know – but a blog search tells me no different – I need a better search). And if I had the tools with me today I could tell you when it expires if at all. I was probably brash and didn’t think I’d ever loose the private key. It’s not that hard to make a new key so once a year if I’m going to use it, I can. I can even sign it with my old key (if I still have it) to keep the chain of trust.


PS Looks like I’ve discovered a bug in how wordpress automatically makes email addresses hyper links

Time to listen up. FISA vote postponed until tomorrow.

The vote for the FISA Amendments Act was postponed until tomorrow. I don’t know why.

Let me start with three things. The last one being something new and more important.
1) You know my position on Telecommunication Immunity that is only part of the bill. And frankly I think I missed the point. The FISA Amendments Act would not only grant immunity to the crimes committed but it would grant immunity to all crimes they might have committed without revealing them. We don’t know what they did and if this bill is passed we will never know. There was an amendment to reveal that information.
2) I’m not against FISA, and I think it might need amending. I’m also not against the intelligence community or the ability for them to do their jobs. I’m against judgment of our constitutional rights taken out of the courts and into intelligence offices.
3) I’m also against the provisions for the legislative branch to be able to have sole discretion to authorize and keep secret surveillance of us citizens. This includes congressmen and senators.

That last bit kills me. It throws off the balance of power, and makes one branch of government susceptible to another.

Tim Ferriss author of the Four Hour Work Week interviewed the well known Daniel Ellsberg I didn’t know him, but he’s the guy responsible for the Pentagon Papers. He’s a patriot right up there with Mark Klein.

What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA Before Tuesday, July 8th from Tim Ferriss on Vimeo.

Please take a minute. 60 seconds. Go to the EFF website here and put in your zipcode to find your Senator’s phone number. Its a simple script you can read, you don’t have to be scared of it. They just need to know you are a constituent, and that you don’t like a part of the FISA Amendments Act. (Or the whole thing!)

That’s it. It matters today, we’ll see what happens during the vote tomorrow. Do it. It’s not worth sitting back on this one.