Donie Darko

I should have gone to bed, but I don’t regret it. I just got to watch my very own copy of Donie Darko. I got it for my birthday and had lent it to my brother. I’m glad I have it back. It’s such a story.

(I’ve got about 1000 thoughts I want to share inspired from this movie. About love, hate, time travel, alternate dimensions, pre-destiny, self censorship, small town society, beliefs and how then can consume, and some more on love.)

I’m a firm believer that a belief or theory should be used, shared and discarded. Like shucking fresh corn. Except I don’t think we’d ever be done believing things, I don’t think we’d ever find what ever absolute truth we were looking for.

I think I also miss California. The kind of missing where you haven’t actually had the thing you miss, it’s almost like I miss the yearning for the mountains and the climate. I wonder how my mother puts up with such a loss.

And while I’m on the topic (whether you know it or not). A Home Test for Parallel Universes I don’t actually believe it but it is neat. It really shows diffraction at its best, I’m remembering something about double-slit experiments in physics. Either way, its neat.


4 thoughts on “Donie Darko

  1. yeah, it’s just that, Young’s Double Slit experiment.
    This looks like a ploy to sell the guy’s book.
    what a hoser.

  2. yo big hommie that fucking movie sucked so muuch dick .Like there was no point to the whole thing .I wish that i never saw it .If you can make any sence out of it email me back other wise it will remain a burden on my .

  3. A. Censorship can go suck a fuck.

    2. I think it’s wonderful that Deutsch took the double-slit experiment & used it to create his own theory. Don’t be so quick to disregard it. Many common things today were once far-fetched theories (gravity, electricity, flight, etc.).

    C. When is there ever a point to any movie? I always thought that movies were simply a form of entertainment.

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