Francis Gulotta

Building Teams to Support Growth

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  • Open Source
  • Node SerialPort Maintainer
  • Request Maintainer
  • Languages
  • JavaScript, Ruby
  • Exp. Python, C++ & others
  • Community
  • NodeBots Co-Founder
  • NodeJS Hardware WG



Senior Engineering Manager of Core Engineering

July 2019 – Present

Building our Core Engineering teams with the focus is to improve the experience of our first customer, Justworks itself.

Developer Tools: Serving the engineers, we aim to decrease the cognitive load when making changes to our platform. We accomplish this by exposing data, training teams, building tools and improving workflows.

Internal Tools: A product team serving our operations teams, we aim to reduce overhead by improving workflows and reducing operational risk. We accomplish this by applying a user focused product development to our internal tools and applying that research to re-architect patterns across the platform.

Bustle Digital Group

VP of Engineering

November 2016 – June 2019

Transformed the engineering team and infrastructure to allow us to grow from 2 brands to over 10 enabling a 5x growth in revenue and 3x growth in headcount.

Developed our platform that serves almost a billion requests a month with an 98p of 40ms response time, primarily using Amazon Lambda and Redis. We're large proponents of JavaScript and Serverless.

  • Managed the engineering team, with a focus on keeping them happy, healthy and productive.
  • Decommissioned years of legacy products by developing the frameworks for mass migration of legacy data and merging of engineering and IT systems. Applied the framework to 5+ M&A, reducing timeline and budget with each project.
  • Lead our platform team in the development of a consolidated platform which increased development speed and drastically reduced outages.
  • Set coding and infrastructure processes across the engineering organization to allow for faster, less risky development and deployment.
  • Developed a technical playbook for mergers and acquisitions for IT and Software Development Teams.


Director of Web Connected Devices

November 2015 – October 2016

Started a department specializing in advising IoT and Electronics companies, building tools, and solving problems quickly using open source software.

  • Adopted Tessel, an open source hardware company, and helped them improve their developer workflows and infrastructure. I used the Tessel 2 to produce a showcase product, called the Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit that is now sold around the world.
  • Formed relationships and developed projects with teams at Intel, Microsoft and LogMeIn.
  • Scoped and executed projects improving developer experience for several IoT devices. Lowering out-of-box to deployment time from hours to under ten minutes.
  • Organized our international open source community to have the largest yearly event ever, NodeBots Day 2016, featuring 29 cities in 7 countries.
  • Managed the budget and projections for the department.

Wizard Development

Founder / CEO

October 2013 – September 2015

Hired, trained and managed a team skilled in rails application development, serving customers in publishing and logistics. Featured on the PBS News Hour for our work in education.

  • Bootstrapped the company from a personal consulting and training business.
  • Hired smart junior developers and invested in training to have a well balanced team diverse in age, sex and race.
  • Developed a strong practice of pairing, testing and iterative development.
  • Worked closely with clients to develop a shared understanding of software development workflow and business impact.

Levo League

VP of Engineering

December 2012 – January 2014

Responsible for daily operations of the development team and infrastructure, as well as architecture and scalability of the product. Lead the team through several high-profile product launches

  • Standardized processes for infrastructure changes, development practices, and deployment methodology.
  • Implemented monitoring and trending, for both the infrastructure and product, to aid in capacity and development planning.
  • Implemented collection and reporting of analytics throughout our product, enabling data driven decisions for product direction.
  • Responsible for hiring decisions for the team.

Highbridge Capital Management

Vice President / Manager of the Network Operations Center

June 2010 – December 2012

Responsible for a global Network Operations Center tasked with ensuring continued business operations.

  • Developed alert research and incident analysis tools, alleviating the need to hire additional personnel.
  • Hired as an associate support engineer, promoted to a vice present and manager of the NOC in 2011.
  • Supported infrastructure and development teams in daily operations.
  • Worked as a first responder to incidents across our "full stack", including network infrastructure, server hardware, Linux and Windows operating systems, application support, and business processes.
  • Organized a series of workshops and presentations to train employees on core tools and libraries.
  • Worked with software development teams to identify areas of operational risk and aided in resolving issues.
  • Responsible for hiring decisions for the team.

Francis Gulotta — — (917) 805-3079