Claus Fest IV

I had the pleasure to attend the fourth Claus Fest last night. Oh boy I had fun.

I missed Chevelle and Papa Roach, franzferdiand was good but challenged peoples masculinity and got booed, Jimmy Eat World surprisingly rocked the stage, I saw them 2 years ago and they really sucked, Korn kicked everybody’s asses and did a sweet cover of “The Wall” – they were also a good excuse to shove people around, jump up and down, and make a dash for the stage, and then it ended with Velvet Revolver who really didn’t fit with the crowd at all. They also sucked. I had left after Korn and went back in to try to crowd surf during Velvet Revolver but the crowd… they weren’t inspired enough.


A mash pit is the only place where it’s socially acceptable to violently shove, hit (still pisses people off), and throw the people around you. I can’t say I dove right in the middle and got my ass kicked, but I get shoved in a bunch and I did my fare share of shoving. It was fun.

I should say more. But… go to your own concert.


3 thoughts on “Claus Fest IV

  1. If you thought hat their cover of Another Brick in The Wall was as you say “a sweet cover”, you can never listen to Pink Floyd again!!!!!

  2. Just because they’re completely different doesn’t mean they’re bad. Also doesn’t mean that they’re version is better. Don’t hate, appreciate. =)

  3. If you appreiated the original version, you wouldnt like korns version of The Wall.! We need to get feedback from other people.!

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