Thought provoking vs. Slapstick

So like… Emily Vs. Brian, or something to that effect.

The point is, Brian gets more comments. And I hate to say its because people are lazy but… yea people are lazy. It’s easier to respond to something stupid then to something that makes you think.

(Frank keeps asking “What’s with your friends?”)

But I understand you, you’re suffering from malnutrition, sleep depravation, undue stress, and your lazy. It’s ok though, I’m those things too.



13 thoughts on “Thought provoking vs. Slapstick

  1. What about responding to something that makes me think that its stupid?


    I don’t know about you, but I’m not suffering from depraved sleep. I’m deprived sleep, but when I do get some, its not marked by immorality, hopelessly bad, or what I consider to be a vice.

    To Frank:
    I’m an ass, thats what’s with me. But Franic probably already told you that.

    Oh, and I want my Leatherman back.

  2. Andrew, Francis never says anything bad about his friends, and you certainly aren’t what you called yourself. Don’t be self deprecating. You, as well as the friends of his that I know are truly impressive to me and extraordinarily knowledgable. You are all brilliant, and have many talents among you. (For instance, I bet you could write comedy as witty as Woody Allen or substantive plays and novels.) My remark was based on my observation that his less serious posts seem to draw the most comments, and I thought that was interesting. Yes, I did ask what’s with your friends, who don’t seem to comment much on serious posts. My guess is that there are so many serious events going on in your lives that you all prefer to keep it light here in the blogosphere.

  3. maybe i should actually read things to know what is going on…

    i think on the lighter posts, its easier to think of something to say. to just giggle, or say something stupid in response. the more serious posts require some thinking or reasoning that not everyone has time for, or brain power for ;)
    i also think that more serious posts are just much harder to think of a response to because its serious and you dont want to ruin the mood or say somethign dumb…

    or, here at francis’s blog, i think i just have nothing to say to his serious rantings. as a friend ill sit back and listen to them though :)

  4. Are you saying I get more post cause I always write somthing that is stupid and easy to respond to? And to that effect are you calling me stupid? And then it goes are you calling the followers of Brianism lazy? Just because we like the simple things somtimes. I feel like I should be offended somehow but Brianism teaches to forgive and forget.

  5. ..i think i kinda like brianism.

    but, it may need some revisions :P

    and i think people are more lazy and silly then lazy and stupid.
    but, i could be wrong…

  6. Maybe it does and maybe it doesnt but Brianism is the coolest thing. You believe what you want to and follow your own path in life. Plus try to go to a Yankees game each year.

  7. ah. yankees. feels like home. even though i don’t pay attention to sports at all…

    (i hate south jersey…)

  8. Everyone has fun at a Yankees game, plus there is no such thing as a bad seat, well maybe right behind the fould ple.

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