Well I’m just a killjoy

So if I don’t take my meds before 9am every morning (they don’t take off for weekends and holidays) which means going to bed at night, 1am latest, 11pm on work nights, I’m gonna feel like a college freshman from a uptight family who gave him no freedoms the morning after his first night out.

Jesus these headaches. Its like a hangover and a fight with large truck all wrapped into one.


3 thoughts on “Well I’m just a killjoy

  1. If you have the right meds and the right dosage you shouldn’t get headaches. Talk to your doctor.

    OTOH, there is something to be said for the health of a college freshman from an uptight family who keeps regular hours.


  2. i just read that last line as “Jesus has headaches.”

    i was wondering how you would know…

    but, then i figured it out :P

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