Travel time to major cities

GEM: The Global Environment Monitoring unit is a European commission that makes up on of six units in IES: The Institute for Environment and Sustainability. The IES is a group of scientists (about 65 according to their about page) that are devoted to making sure development in Europe and the world is done is such a way that it doesn’t cause problems. Today I stumbled upon a project they did called, “Travel time to major cities: A global map of Accessibility” and boy isn’t it beautiful? Click on it for a much larger version, and click though to the project for information about what it means and what it doesn’t.

Travel time to major cities (in hours and days) and shipping lane density
Travel time to major cities (in hours and days) and shipping lane density


Election maps

Election maps.

This site demonstrates a point that I was talking about the other day. There is a lot fewer people in the “Bread Basket” then there are along the coasts (Including the Gulf of Mexico). I was relating the age of the civilization in the area of the country to it’s tolerance for cultures and it’s diversity. Notice I said relating, not correlating. I don’t have any data for this theory yet, just some poor observations.

Election results by county.
County Map by Area

Election results by country as an area cartogram based off of population of counties.
County Map weighted by population

Cartograms are wonderfully powerful at conveying data (maybe not as wonderful at representing data). You should take a look at a few samples of them before you move on.