Hitachi Hard-Drive Project

I found this piece of music a little while back. You can click the little play button to play it now.
Noriko Version

It was made for a Gizmondo competition by “Noriko” – Composed with sounds of a failing Hitachi hard-disk. I lost his link, but you can probably google for it. It’s really quite beautiful and peaceful. Though once I was diagnosing a laptop and this song came on and freaked me out. You never want want to hear these sounds coming from your computer.

Oh and if you ever do hear these sounds coming from your computer, turn it off (pull the plug) and call me. ;-)


New Design

I’ve been developing this site for a few days using wordpress and some plugins. I’ve hacked out a decent looking theme and made it more mine. You don’t need to register to comment and your comments should show up now. (Some, a few actually as I asked around got caught up in spam filtering and I didn’t even see them.) Also if you have an openID your comment should go through immediately. Until spammers start using it anyway.

Andrew gave me a neat idea for the header. Never mind I already did a lot of work for what’s up there, I’m going to try something out to make it a little more interesting.

I also need to integrate the gallery into it again. My old robot isn’t a random gallery image. ;-)

Let me know what you think.


Rotating Banners

Now on every page you’ll get a different banner. Every single photo is taken by me (to the best of my knowledge – if you took it that will teach you to borrow my camera!) hand picked out of my gallery and then cropped and edited by me too to fit. I used iPhoto to crop the photos to get the aspect ratio (quick and easy) and then wrote a quick script to resize everything to fit.

find . -type f -exec convert {} -resize 970×140 {}.970×140.jpg \;

And that resized everything. I wrote a quick rand with a sprintf to generate the url. It’s not automatic – it wont detect new photos but I can take the time to edit the range the next time I take the time to edit hundreds of photos.

The real joy was finding a 97×14 swash of image I wanted to show. I’m not being sarcastic either. Everything looks different when put though constraints. It highlights parts of the photo that would otherwise be lost. Street signs stick out the most, I’ll have large photo of trees and I’ll have picked out a swash of photo I want to show and the street sign will be sticking up off to the side, but it stands way out where I didn’t even know it was there before. There is even one photo where I took two swashes out of, there were two different photos I wanted to show.

Enjoy =)

Stop the Spying(.org)

I won’t even pretend this isn’t inspired by my recent reading material but this isn’t the first time I’ve personally visited the subject of the illegal wiretapping the NSA asked ATT and a few other Telecoms to do. Right now there are people in congress still trying to grant the NSA and the telecommunication companies immunity. They want to go back in time and make it legal. That would mean that if you cared to you couldn’t sue them for surveilling you. You might not care but you could see why someone might. Not everyone is so forgiving of having their constitutional rights violated.

They basically tapped the internet, it’s the same wires that our phone calls also go over too.

And how do we know this? One of my personal hero’s squealed on them. His name is Mark Klein and he was a just a technician. He noticed that a lot of NSA only rooms were popping up in data centers, a lot more then was needed to monitor just international traffic. So he deiced to speak out. He’s just a normal guy, he retired after 22 years of working to do this. I wish his wiki page had more. UPDATE I found a nice wired article with a statement from him!
Mark Klein my hero

So what can you do?
Make 2-3 phone calls. That’s all that’s really needed. To who? Head over to and enter your zip code. Or just click here if you live near me. And let your congressmen know what you think. Remind them how you want them to vote.

I’m going to take a moment to do this myself.

I wanted to say something along the lines of “House leadership is reportedly working with Senator Rockefeller on a new FISA bill that may include telecom immunity. I urge him to continue standing up for the rule of law and the Constitution as FISA legislation is brought back to the House!” and make them feel how passionate I feel about this. That text being taken directly from the website. But I managed to work out a meager “Hi, I’m a constit… constituent and I’d like to thank the congresswomen for her strong stance against telecom immunity and the illegal spying and stuff.”. My next two phone calls went a little smoother, but it was the same message.

Representative Jarrold Nadler’s aid was very happy to hear from me, says it’s something he strongly believes in, he took my name and email. Representative Yvette Clarke’s aid was confused as to why I was calling and asked where I lived, I said brooklyn. “Oh good.. thank you” and then we were done. Representative Nydia Velazquez’s aid was short and to the point, said she’s pass my message along.

I know a lot of you (or so it seams) don’t like to talk on the phone. There is always email and the links are provided for you right there. So go do it! Especially if you’re representatives do support telecom immunity! At the very least check!

So to recap;
Check out a brief overview of what’s going on.
Check out your representatives and then call them if you can, just remember nobody will do it for you.