RSS Feed

Since last mucking around with my site’s templates I’ve started to use RSS pretty religiously. If you’ve subscribed to my site’s feed you probably got the old “.rdf” RSS 1.0 feed as it was the only advertised up top.
I’ve changed it to default to the new “.xml” RSS 2.0 feed and I’ve also made sure both feeds have my full post content in them. Nothing pisses me off more then a teaser feed. I have to warn you though, I like doing fancy things in my post and they might not all show up in your reader of choice so if something doesn’t look right, feel free to visit my actual site. But seeing that I don’t run ads to support me, nor do I have that much special extra stuff to offer I wont make you come here to read what I have to say. The fact you’re reading it nice enough. =)

Update: I don’t know how rss readers deal with updates though.. I do that a lot, I make a lot of adjustments after I publish.

So much to write

I think movable type is holding me back.

Anyway while I prepare a letter I wrote to be a news post (It was an answer to the question “How do I get my site onto Google?” which I over answered at work.) Enjoy this.


I found it from a post on reddit, but apparently it was done by cartoonist Clay Bennett. And I said enjoy, which means I think it’s funny, but honestly I don’t. I think the state of things is pretty sad when it comes to our rights to privacy I can’t even goto work on time without giving the expatiation that I wont be randomly searched. Because if I refuse to be searched I have to leave the subway system. Still no legal recourse if I just enter at a different stop, that’s hardly exercising your 4th amendment rights.