Anyone who knows me knows I’ve had a lot of problems sleeping lately.

And after staying up over 24 hours, I went to sleep around 10:30pm only to wake up around 4 this morning. Not no sleep, but not a lot of sleep. I was exhausted! And now yet again I’m awake while the rest of America sleeps, or at least pretends to.

You see lately, I’ve been sleeping during the day mostly, it’s kind of sucked.

So I have to stay awake today, all day, I’m even working, and try to go to sleep tomorrow night. Which doesn’t sound too hard but.. I’m kind of messed up, so this already feels like torture, but.. that’s life.

I know one of the side effects of one of the meds I’m taking is restlessness during sleep, I don’t even think I’m up to an effective dosage, so I’d be kind of surprised if that’s why I’m up now, but you never know. I mean it could be the fact my sleep has been messed up for the past month and it’s just going to take more time to train my body back into this sleep pattern too.


I’ll figure it out.


Old photos

Jeaneatte sent me a few photos from a disk she found.

Jenny Disk

I took these on her old camera back in 1999, the album has a discription, though I admit I might have gotten the camera wrong.

I also started the old photo album, I want to add a lot more old photos here.


36 Degrees!

So the other day my computer started an alarm. “BOOEEEP!! BOOEEEP!!” It started it’s own tempature alarm while doing hardly anything. I took a look down and really.. not enough fans. My bios claimed a cpu temp of 67 degrees, the alam triggered at 60, so I upped the alarm and got some fans. And after spending all night installing the fans, (I can’t put in the motherboard with the new heatsync attached – it’s freaking huge) my cpu temp is now a fine 36 degrees. =)

(And with all the fans turned down, (Yea I got a fan controler too) a cool 40 degrees.)