I sorta lost the link I wanted to share, I searched my history relentlessly but to no avail. So I’m going to describe it to you and use some things I did save from the site.

This guy put speech bubbles on advertising around new york. Blank ones, about 15,000 of them. And then people wrote things on them and this guy took pictures.

You can download a pdf of some speech bubbles and print them out, post them around maybe.

WOOOHOO! I found the link. you can tour around his site and see all the photos, some of them are really funny, New Yorkers rock.

The Bubble Project

I’m surprised I haven’t seen any of these around, I mean he printed 15 thousand of them. Judging from some of the ads I’d say he started in early 2002 maybe. I’d put this whole project right up next to dressing the crosswalk guys in my book of cool urban vandalism.



Backuping hard drives

I was writing an email to my mother about different backup methods (I kid you not) and I thought some of it was useful. And before anyone says hardlinks or rsync, I know, I know. It’s just there isn’t any really good way to do that on windows and I’ll take incremental drive images over 100,000 file hardlinks and rsyncs. I swear I’m going to run out of innodes before I run out of hard drive space.

Folding Airplanes

Lowe-Tech – portfolio

Ever see anyone fold a paper airplane really fast infront of you? Well now you can have a flash app do it. I haven’t tried any of the folds yet but they look really cool.

I should probably tell you all about a neat little firefox extention I found called Stumble!. (It’s where all these links are comming from.) But I won’t. Now now anyway.