Stop All The Downloads

I did a 180 in the space of one and a half lanes. I love driving in light snow. Not hellish deep snow I vowed never to drive again with (at all ever noun noun verb noun).

By the way a 180 being a U-Turn.

I had my 21st birthday the other night and people are still staying over at my house to go home monday morning. This has been a really good birthday, complete with a Chinese dinner I don’t remember, pool, Jazz, ping pong, a wonderful italian dinner, a brand new camera, wonderful friends and wonderful family.

Jenny took photos. Once she posts them I’ll make comments and stuff.

Good Night all.



Cheer up emo kid,


I hope everyone has been well lately. I’ve been around brookly here and there. Working, sleeping, just.. I dunno being. I got a few parking tickets? I’m sorta at a loss for typing today, I’ve been sleeping in a lot and I can’t say it helps me think.

So I’m going to go and clean out that small list of things I want to put somewhere but never managed to put anywhere so it ended up in my inbox, or in a text file on my desktop. My virtual workspace is looking a lot like my actual workspace and that’s never good. Every so often (usually when I’m going to a job – but sometimes its when the mess is too much) I stick everything on my desktop into a folder to go through later. Unfortionatly out of sight == out of mind, I have 4 levels of “cleanup” folders.

I’ve got 5 rsvps for my birthday so far, check your email people. Or just call me I’m friendly.

Every minute, the human brain processes about 17GB of visual input, 5GB of audio input 20MB of tactile input, 350kB of olfactory input, and 100 kB of gustatory input. –

(On switching to linux – written by some other guy)
As a former windows power user who transitioned completely only about a year ago, let me offer this advice:
Pick up an ubuntu cd, give it a partition, and use it more than the two minutes it takes to conclude it’s not windows. Seriously. Forget windows is even there for a week. Pretend someone stole your old computer and all they left you with is this weird piece of shit doppelganger that sorta looks like your old pc, but everything’s just a little “off.” Accept the fact transitions are not always easy, and give this doppelganger a week of your computing life. Then go back to windows. And make sure you have some clean clothes handy, because you’re going to need a shower afterward.

NOUN: Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a person of Italian birth or descent.
ETYMOLOGY: Italian dialectal guappo, thug, from Spanish guapo, handsome, dashing, braggart, bully, from French dialectal wape, rogue, from Latin vappa, flat wine, scoundrel.
From The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

So take that, your calling me a dashing handsome scoundrel, when you call me a wop. Bitch.

[dieselsweeties] War Is Hell, Also Record Stores [1130]

Big Toy

The Ten Commandments of College

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

The Broken – Some guys made videos about drinking beer and basic computer hacks such as wardriving and.. I forget. Kevin Rose is behind it.

That’s all I I’m going to post right now.

Bulletproof Cupid

(Bulletproof Cupid by Placebo is quite a nice instrumental song. Makes a nice opening track to their album Sleeping With Ghosts. Which has a really. striking album cover.)

Bulletproof Networks.
I’ve been reading up on vpns. Secure networks over insecure networks. Instead of paying lots of money for a secure line to your office you can use a cheep internet connection that is hardly secure. But over this insecure connection you can start another connection that is secure. That’s what VPN’s are all about anyway.

I’ve got a decent understanding of the concepts but I found a simple power point presentation that does a good job of describing them. A better job then I’ve done anyway. It concentrates on OpenVpn but it touches IPSEC and others.

In other news.
I speed up the gallery a little. The main page anyway, it was taking far too long to load. On the down side you won’t see how many comments each gallery has listed on the main page. You can live with that.

The Globe and Personal Radio Stations

Let me get this out of the way. The Third Globe

Forgive my snippy captions, My heart just isn’t in it today. Also if you look at the England gallery you might notice this comes before Westminster and Trafalgar Square, I missed this one, and the next one too. I’m trying to keep some semblance of chronological order.

So I found this site called digg. It’s neat, the community submits links and rates them, not a bunch of editors. So the crap you find there is picked by your peers, switches the blame to everybody instead of specific people.

Anyway, I found a neat setup for iTunes playlists. It produces a nice mix of music you haven’t heard with music you like. I have three different playlists total and varied a little from the suggested ones.

The first one has music that I haven’t played more then 5 times and haven’t rated 1 or 2 stars (which mean I think they suck). It’s limited to 300 songs chosen randomly. The second has stuff I’ve played more then 3 times, has more then 2 stars (3 and above), and I haven’t played in the last week. It’s limited to 200 songs chosen by least recently played.

The 3rd playlist is just a combination of both. This playlist will play every song (unless I’ve already rated it a 1 or 2). Songs will randomly show up 5 times and if I haven’t rated it at least 3 stars I won’t see them again. If I have rated them at least 3 stars they’ll be thrown into a nice rotating list of songs I like. The mix is 3 parts list one (or Infuser) and 2 parts list two (or Sprinkler).

It works well.

Ohh and until I fix it the random image is broken. I’ll figure it out later I don’t feel like it now. I’m in the middle of moving everything, so stuff might break in the process. *shrug* What ever.