Well I finally anotated Avebury. I’m sure taking my sweet old time with these photos aren’t I?

Enjoy. (Click the Avebury link above.)


(That’s what I get for not spell idiot checking my text. Fixed now.)

Snow Drive

I’m never driving again. The two hour drive from Glassboro to Brooklyn took me 4 and a half hours today. I also leaned that living on a hill is never as good as they tell you it is, my car taught me this. I got stuck twice and had to dig my self out. The first time I got stuck I was by a pet food store so I put on my blinkers and walked down. I explained to the guy what was going on and asked him to point me in the direction of the kitty litter. He gave me some boxes on the way out.

I managed to dig out a clear path for my tires (they were drifting me dangerously close to the parked cars. Like within inches. I dangerously drifted back and forth driving almost sideways up the block.

I made it home unscathed, and without scathing. But goddamn I need snow tires or something.


PS I think it’s time I showed some photos off. I’ll show the rest as I finish the captions.


Finally finally home.

1pm to 4:15 pm (GMT and EST respectivly)
London to Toronto

Became 1pm-5:45


6:15 PM to 8:00 pm (EST)
Toronto to NYC

became 6:15-10pm (EST)

Ice storms in canada, fog everywhere (looks really cool from the air)

More later, sleep now.


Sweet Jeepers.

2pm to 7pm (GMT – with then an hour on the tube and the bus)
Edinburgh to London

1pm to 4:15 pm (GMT and EST respectivly)
London to Toronto

6:15 PM to 8:00 pm (EST)
Toronto to NYC

It’s a lot of traveling but I’m going home!

PS. My first reaction to the Mac Mini was “It’s a deck!”. It’s about the size of a mousepad, 2 inches high. I’m in the middle of reading “Count Zero” by William Gibson. In most of his books computers are just “decks” and are interfaces to the “Matrix” (net) and you use basicly a keyboard and a nuro link (for vision mostly but it is possible to have it be the input to your nero system so you no get all your senses from the computer… go read the books), so if you got a dvi jack in the base of your skull and strapped a keyboard to the top of that thing you’d have all the hardware you needed to be a cowboy.

As for the iPod Shuffle.

The caption under the “gum” picture reads, “iPod Shuffle: Smaller than a pack of gum and much more fun.(2)”

(2) “Do not eat iPod shuffle.”

Train Delays

So I’m about to go to Edinburgh (I hope I got that one right) and I decide to check in with the information booth first.

I show the lady my ticket.
“Can I take the one o’clock?”
“You can but it won’t get you to Edinburgh.”
“What should I take then?”
“Nothing, You can’t go there, not today.”

Bad weather, train power lines are down and such. So I leave bright and early tomorow.

Babel-17 was amazing. I feel bad for bad mouthing Sam (I forget his full name now. I don’t have the book infront of me.) based on his short story Empire Star. This will be another short review. (which means a good one – rather a positive one, its pretty crappy as far as reviews go)

The thing is I lack the words to express how I feel fast enough. Which oddly ties in to the book. There’s a quote which I’ll paraphrase.

“These alien guys, very techincal race, they could go and look over an entire engine assembly from a spaceship and describe it to a buddy in maybe 10 words and his buddy could go and build one from scratch exactly the same as the first one. Same colors and everything.”
“So is that odd spaceship over there, but not if you have the right words”

(Wow, I should really get my book and fix that up.)
I asked Ellie if there was anything she could say in french that didn’t exsit in english. Any thoughts, concepts that just wern’t present. She’s getting back to me. I’m left wondering if language is thought rather then the expression of thought. It provides a structure for thought, and you can remember the words the idea that results from it. But why can’t you have just a pure idea? No words, no thought.. just.. thinking.. you get my drift? Formless shapeless thought.

‘Cause if you can’t have that then I’m not as smart as I think I am, only as much as I can express which hasn’t been as much as I like. I’m out of practice.

Go read that book, I’ll even lend you mine.


PS Props go to Frank for buying it for me off my wish list after I forgot what it was, I’m glad I’m in another country otherwise I might not have picked it up.


(I don’t have my usual spelling and gammer tools on hand so what your getting is %100 pure francis style engish. I’m not even trying hard. I’ll fix it up later.)

So I’ve been wandering around London lately. It’s nice. Old. I mean there’s history eveywhere. You can’t go to the corner store with out some deep history around it. (in the heart of london anyway, I’m staying out in Harrow, on the hill. Everything is old, around 200 years or so but not the corner stores.) I have tons of photos to show you too. I can’t upload them here, way to slow, and Sarah’s been uploading photo’s so I’m almost out of disk space to boot. I’ll have more soon (Sarah please don’t feel bad the disk space is there to be used, if it sat around empty for the rest of it’s life it would be quite wasted.) and when I either get to a Starbucks (they have plenty of them here) and find my account working overseas or home (a little over a week from now) you’ll all get to see them.

There are still a few places I’d like to go and take pictures of anyway. Never mind I have to process the ones I have. If you look at my Canada trip you’ll find at least 200 or so, I’ve got easily twice that so far. So I need to remove the blurry ones (an afliction most of my photography has due to my camera’s small apature and my less then steady hand) crop the odd ones and try to make sure I don’t have too many random tourists looking into my camera when I didn’t intend them to. Oh it will be intersting and lots of fun. I’m sure of it.

I’m in the middle of reading “empire star” by Samuel R. Delany and I’m writing like him. Though while a bit more scattered I’m a whole lot more intersting. Sam, as he doesn’t know I call him, has a vivid imagination and likes to explain things and include details much like how I mentioned I call him Sam. I don’t like his writing style too much.

I also recently finished “Job: a comedy of Justice” by Hienline. It’s one of his “boyish” books. Kid gets put in a wonderfull exciting adventure against his will, kid turns out to be Hienline. I won’t berate the author for that he’s a pretty intersting character. Though when I did finish it I cursed him. He came up with such… amazing views on heaven and hell in this book that I wanted to slug him in the face. And to be honest I don’t know why. Probably a learned reaction from all those years of church I’ve forgotten. It was a really good book though, his books often are. That is if you can get past him, some people get hung up on his love of throwing society in people’s faces by exploiting taboos. (Well that’s one way to say it.) Or his horrible/wonderfull views on sex, relationships, and the human condition. Hienline was a thinker I’ll give him that.

Oh and I also read (You know it’s funny my brother asked me if I read the other day and went as far as asking me what book it was. I used to read a novel every 2-3 days and then my eyesight left me. But normally, lately, I haven’t been making time to read. So I guess his question was sorta valid. Anyway, back to the point) – I read “Neuromancer ” by William Gibson. Wow.

My best reviews are always my shortest.

Gibson is good, as good as Orison Scott Card, As good as Neil Stephenson, as good as Asimov. And in 1983 he wrote Neuromancer and showed a world of networks, nural interfaces, hackers, crime, commercialism, and… oh boy I dunno, computers. Honestly, everything I can totally see happening in real life. I felt this way whe I was reading “Enders Game” (Orison Scott Card) when his charecters weant out on the net and started major political contravercy in forums and news groups. These authors truely write our future. Our inventors need to get a bigger imagination, because they didn’t come up with what they’re building. Our engineers on the other hand, good job so far.

In other news Brian is home and soon will be returning to his primary residence (his apartment). I thought of him today and the song I’ve been wating for popped into my head finally. This one is for you Brian.

“Pressure Point” by The Zutons.
(Read more for the lyrics.)

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