Thank you Mr. Freeman

I had an idea for a book, a wiki sorta. A place where people can share experiences or maybe I can just use it to edit what I write. So I setup a Roborooter Wiki to play with in the mean time. I need to write more to start it off so people have something to work off of but its a start.

Also I found a movie that people might like. (Apparently its making its rounds.)


Black Friday

Please everybody do your part today on this black friday and stay home away from retail stores. To my friends in retail good luck today, you’re going to need it.


(Who’s off to work at the food co-op because its the busiest shopping day of the year.)


Happy thanksgiving everyone. Holidays normally give me a weird vibe, just seem sorta fake. But they’re what you make of them so this year I want to give thanks. Thank you. Like… I couldn’t name everybody or everything. But if your reading this (seriously – anyone reading this, you personally) thanks.

Its funny, I normally don’t care about the actual date of holidays. (Just ask anyone I’ve already given a christmas present to.)


Thank you Toni

While a few of my friends have copies of Amelie and some don’t even know where they came from they assure me it’s not my copy. So I get a phone call this morning from my good friend Toni, She doesn’t like the movie and she’s giving it to me. =)

Frank has some good jazz playing and I’m playing along with the band in my head.


Who has my Amelie?

It’s gone, I don’t know who has it. It’s a good dvd (double disks box set iirc) and an even better movie. And it can’t be argues that Audrey Tautou isn’t perfect for the role of Amelie in Amelie. Whatever catch her character has whether it be the “I caused trouble to help someone and it worked” smile, or her “I’m spying on people because I find their behavior facinating even though I know I shouldn’t spy on people.” grin (It’s ok, she’s harmless. sorta like a grown up Harriet the Spy – who btw has definitely grown up in the past 8 years – I always do this – Back on topic.), or maybe because she’s just cute in her ways, works perfectly.

I’d give Amelie 5 stars in my (new) little library program, if only I knew where my DVD was so I could catalogue it.

PS. Jason gave me a nice christmas idea, one I’d like to use too. (more on that later) Never mind I don’t bother giving winter gifts on a holiday. I may call them Christmas gifts (or if I remember Chanukah gifts) but really, around this time I try to find things that yell or scream about the person, and then I buy it. For for the 3 months of winter most of my friends get gifts. With the exception of famiy who normally gets gifts on Christmas due to the fact that if they have nothing under the tree from me I feel bad. (Tradition)

Also wether (a misnomer Frank pointed out to me) means “A castrated ram”.


With the slip of my finger I destroyed my gallery. And due to some freak backup problem (Test your backups!) which I have yet to solve, I don’t have all the photos backed up.

Fortunately (and this is going to sound bad) none of mine were lost. Why is that fortunate? (my friends who lost photos are really wondering I’m sure) I’m pretty sure everyone (except me) has their own copies of their photos.

At the moment I’m in the process of fixing the gallery, I was able to save a few albums that didn’t quite get backed up. I’m pretty sure all the photos are there but they’ll have to be renamed and retitled and everything. You have no idea how sorry I am.


I’ve been putting off figuring out my incremental backup solution. It would allow me to go back to any time (like every day this week, every month, and once a month forever) and get my backups from any date.

Bah – one stupid slip of the finger.