Maybe they should put a leash on him

(Unrelated title) So I went to work today, early. Which means I went to sleep last night, early. It was an odd sleep, maybe because I had slept past noon that day, or because I had to force my mind to save its thoughts for the next day, or maybe.. who knows. Anyway I slept lightly and woke easily. (never mind I fell back asleep unintentionally – I forgot to stay awake, waking up early isn’t habit yet.) I felt like I was barely on the surface of dreams. Time didn’t pass correctly either, I’d close my eyes and open them two hours later, and then the next morning. One moment was hours before the next and lasted no time at all.

Big change from the crazy winter dream I had the other night, the kind of dream that keeps me sleeping because my alarm will go off and I’ll want to see what happens so I go back to sleep. I was told that was odd, being able to return to a dream. All my life… scratch that. As long as I can remember, I’ve been able to sort of watch a dream like a movie. I’m still part of it and I do things and things happen but part of me is dreaming and the other part knows fully that it is a dream and as if it was reading a good book it wants to know what’s happening next.

I was in a lucid dream about a year ago (to be honest I don’t really remember when it was, or what it was even about – just that I was in my loft bed at my old apartment.) where instead of deciding to wake up (which I normally do for some reason) or fly around doing what ever I want, I just decided to play the dream, explore my subconscious. I kept waking up, not completely but I moved from subconscious thought to conscious thought and the dream would fade from me, so I’d have to move back again.

I love my subconscious.

Dam bugs and a good song

So I was almost asleep having convinced myself that … heh, I don’t even remember anymore. Anyway, I was sleeping almost and then “ZZZZZZeeeeeppp” the doppler of a bug flying around my ear. I don’t even know if I killed it. Fucking bugs.

Anyway, I finally found this song that’s been running through my head.

You Showed Me
The Turtles

You showed me how to do
Exactly what you do
How I fell in love with you
Oh, oh, oh, it’s true
Oh, oh, I love you

You showed me how to say
Exactly what you say
In that very special way
Oh, oh, oh, it’s true
You fell for me too

And when I tried it
I could see you fall
And I decided
It’s not a trip at all

You taught it to me too
Exactly what you do
And now you love me too
Oh, oh, oh, it’s true
We’re in love we too

Na na na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na
Oh oh oh oh oh
We’re in love we two
We two

You showed me how to do
Exactly what you do
How I fell in love with you

Showed me how to say
Exactly what you say
In that very special way

Taught it to me too
Exactly what you do
And now you love me too
Now you love me too

[repeat to fade]

Well I’m just a killjoy

So if I don’t take my meds before 9am every morning (they don’t take off for weekends and holidays) which means going to bed at night, 1am latest, 11pm on work nights, I’m gonna feel like a college freshman from a uptight family who gave him no freedoms the morning after his first night out.

Jesus these headaches. Its like a hangover and a fight with large truck all wrapped into one.


Kings Highway

I used to hate Kings Highway. It runs from roughly north/south on the east side of brooklyn and swerves left and right, up and down, and grows from 2 lanes to 6 and back again. It just got in the way most of my life. But now I’ve got a job on it and can’t imagine how much of a pain getting around would be with out it.

I popped a tire a while back driving on it. You see… the problem was I had never driven on it during the day time.

Anyway, it rained on saturday and now I don’t have to wash my car.

And… there was something else that was funny and ironic. I forgot what it was but instead I’ll leave you with a quote form Yoplait.

“Together we can lick breast cancer.”

It sounds so wrong for such a good cause.


Scary Girl

So I saw this on TV, and well it was scary. These two girls came out of some screaming and giggling bubble and started dancing in a field. It was some PBS HD channel with kids shows for brain dead children who haven’t learned anything ever. (Kids start out blank, remember?)

But this girl on the left, she’s so scary looking. I mean… I normally don’t say things like this but.. she’s so fucking scary. Little brain dead children watching this show at 6 am had to be crying. This scary girl dancing on TV in full HD quality, the horror.

Click it.


Quotes and life

I’m going to throw a lot of random quotes out here, don’t take them all to heart.

I visited Rowan University. This past weekend I drove the 110 miles it takes to get from Park Slope Brooklyn to Glassboro NJ. I had some fun. I met a bunch of freshmen. They all… had no idea what was going on. Some were scared, others were confused, others were so hurt and all they could do is play the harmonica.

“Simple truth number sixty two, you help someone, you help yourself.”

Now for the rest of this post I’m going to pull from unposted posts.

a lot of abstract considering the beginning of this post was unfinished too

New Photo Section “Friends”
Just check out the side bar.

The Good Girl
Is a really good movie and deserves its own post but at this point its not getting one.

The Buterfly Effect, Directors Cut
Is a lot better then the theatrical version. I own it now, but back when I was going to post about it I wanted to buy it… Just rent it, you’ll either love it or hate it I guess. And please get past the lead character’s actor, to hate it just because he’s good at playing a dumb ass makes you the same, he can act.

Wizard Computing
Wizardcomputing is my ever fledging business. I’m good at what I do, I just need to sleep at night. Jason helped me on my website.

Clayton Sucks
19 pound turkey
Flat tire

I think that boils down to… I went to go see The White Stripes and on my way out I saw a car with the license plate “BATMAN” and another with “ECTO-1” and I found it quite amusing. I also got a free 19 pound turkey from shopright (this was around thanksgiving) because of the price plus car I own. Later I watched Scarface with Steff and had a really good time, one of the last that I can recall =/ and while we were out getting sushi I got my first flat tire, lost my tire key (and found it) and changed my tire in the poring rain (only for you dear), It was quite an experience. Pity I didn’t write about it at the time.

Andrew and a balloon
“For Store hours and locations press 1, For Reservations and birthday parties press 63”

I’m very happy to say that my good friend andrew has graduated highschool. He was a little late in getting it done but at no fault to his intelligence, just his dilligence.
Lazertag! Lazer Park is a video game arcade and lazer tag arena (largest indoor arena on the east coast).

(This post was from august 2003 – and we released a balloon with my email on it but nobody ever found it.)

I’m only happy when it rains.

I have no idea… I really like that song, Michelle is a good friend I know… and I like the rain and photos. This post was from 2003-08-07 and it was really much too long ago.. over a year.

And thats everything I’ve been harboring for over a year, it probably makes as much sense to you as it does me. It’s been too long.

Lately I’ve had a lot of different things going on I guess, less amazing thing, and a lot more work mixed in with a little of not sleeping for 2 days. But I continue to work, one of these days I’ll get back to my friends on weekends, or days when they have no school.

Maybe one day I’ll gear all my jobs so I can work on them from any computer anywhere and I’ll go on a trip. Tour Europe (visit Ellie =) ) go around Italy (visit my family), and then come back to America except tour the west coast, I’m bound to have family out there too (well I know I do in Washington), Maybe Japan while I’m at it, why not?