You all remember that car commercial I posted about a week or two ago? Well apparently the link to the movie has circulated around the web a bit. I’ve had more traffic to my site then ever before. To the point where today I hit 80% of my bandwidth limit. In fact this month’s usage has been 7 times any other month.

Well I found out why.

Dailyboredom.com which boasts “Boredom Reduction Is Just A Click Away! Visit These Incredibly Un-Boring Sites” linked directly to the movie. Apparently its a semi popular site. It generated 1240 hits on the movie.

Well they’re going to have to read my post about it before viewing the image now.

Anyway I’m pleased I’ve been been main stream before.


Masison Robots

To any of my friends thinking of going protesting against the republican national convention I just have one thing to say.

You better go dressed like this.

Madison Robots

And for the quick minded – yes I’m trying out nyud.net’s distributed mirroring project, I’ve quickly learned that if that link hasn’t been clicked on for a while the first person who does will get the movie dam ass slow. If for some reason years from now that link doesn’t work or you want to see the movie fast, just remove the .nyud.net:8090 part of the link.

Also remember that screaming car commercial? My bandwidth got hosed the first few days that was around. I never had so many hits over some stupid video. I hope some of you stayed around for my quick wit and catchy banter ;-)

(Before my friends start, shut the fuck up.)


Another amazing part of science because of Star Trek

Transparent Aluminum anyone?

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home gives some poor misguided engineer the molecular formula for transparent aluminum in trade for some Plexiglas, so they could make a tank to steal a bunch of wales.

And now they figured out a way to make glass out of aluminum oxide. And apparently if you really wanted you could do the same with many other oxides.. or metals… read the article and find out which.

I just thought this was really cool.

UPDATE: Aluminum is not Aluminum Oxide. It’s… not exactly a metal. But its stronger then regular glass. Its still cool.

And did anyone hear that someone just stole The Scream? Some guys just walked into Sweden (well a museum there anyway) and took it.

Questionable Content

I’ve stumbled upon a pretty cool web comic.


Start at the beginning and read through them there’s not that many (un)fortunately. I’ve gotten spoiled by watching tv shows on dvds, and finding Preacher (thanks Sarah) after all the books had been published, because I expect to go through a season with out commercial interruption, and finish stories with out having to wait on them.

Just read a bit, it just keeps getting better. AND don’t just read the last few, it won’t make any sense to you!

I picked out my favorite fan art about the comic, it sums it up rather nicely. (No the main character doesn’t want to be a woman.) I’ll leave the finding out about what the comic is about to you.



I really can’t recall what I wanted to talk about. It was very life changing and enlightening I can assure you of that.

So why don’t you post comments reacting to a “life changing and enlightening” post?

One month free

I apparently for a limited time can get people a Netflix subscription for one month free. If you notice I’m a happy user of Netflix (you can check out my current rentals on the right side over there —>) and I’d recommend it to anyone who spends more then 20 bucks a month renting movies. No late fees, etc. I’m not an advertisement you can look at their site if you want it. But the first 5 (I don’t know if I’ll be able to send more “invitations” and no they won’t spam you.) people to get me their email addresses I’ll send the “invitation” that entitles you to one free month.