Alive and kicking.

I’m tired.

But its well deserved.

Sort of.

So I got up today and went to work. I took a cab because I was late. I had a 3:30 appointment that got rescheduled for 11:30 but some stroke of luck I had arrived at 11:10 – early. Spring and Greenwich (near the west side drive) isn’t that far from brooklyn. Someone let me in the building and I took the old freight elevator upstairs. The entire office building used to be some industrial something or other and now is chic (but I use the term loosely) loft office space.

The best thing about this office though isn’t the sky lights on the top floor (though they are nice) or the wooden support beams (which are left unpainted) but the fact that before you reach a single office door there is a washroom. Its nice too, got fancy doors on the stalls and two big sinks on either side of a large mirror. The first time I saw the office it was to talk about getting a new job. I was really nervous and it was hot outside and my bag was heavy. I arrived and I felt like I was in greece. I was only just announced and I was given a chance to wash my face, my hands and cool off. The greeks they didn’t even want to know your name until after you were washed, rested and fed. It was quite refreshing.

Anyway I was late the meeting was really supposed to be at 11 not 11:30 but at least the other guy was later, he didn’t get there until 10 minutes after I did.

And instead of the “This kid doesn’t know what he’s doing, we need to find someone else to trust the future of this company in.” that I was expecting I got a “well you’ve got a start but this will help you” and he proceeded to help me lay out the beginnings on the entire project. Man, I need to take a course in planing or something, I learned a lot today.

It was good. Class was Boring! But hey at least I learned a few things. I also found my friend Nina on tv (not for real), and England keeps coming up and that turns to Ellie in my mind as she’s the only british person I know (Sorry Mike you don’t count. I guess its time you became a citizen or something.) I’ve got about 100… no 1000, or maybe even a 10000 pictures to upload from Brian’s party. I also setup 2 new galleries for other people and moved all my friends and respected photographers galleries into a single album. None of the links changed so no worries.

Brian’s Party

I’ll have other people’s photos of the event up soon.


21 Grams

I think the premise of 21 grams is a little shaky. Not the movie it self but the tagline “We loose 21 grams when we die.” It’s the weight of a stack of 5 nickels, or a humming bird, can it be the weight of love? I must have missed something because it doesn’t make sense to me. Why would they stick such a stupid concept on a movie that’s so real? Maybe if the heart weighted 21 grams (it doesn’t) or… I dunno. I’ll admit don’t get it.

The movie 21 Grams was well worth seeing. I’m glad I saw it alone, away from a crowded or empty theater. I saw it with the soft glow of my over head light, the wide screen of the tv, the sound filling my head. I don’t want to hear peoples opinions on this movie, its got this fragile pedestal in my mind.

And of course that’s what this movie is about, fragility. Human fragility.

The rest of the movie is well done. The cinematography was quite a pice of work, being non-linear. Instead showing different things about the characters instead of actually telling their stories. The story becomes apparent eventually. Its kinda like how I would tell a story. I’d want you to know the people first but without just telling you about them, I’d show you them.

I had some trouble keeping the actors apart in the beginning but thats a shortcoming on my part. I also read some reviews where people compared it to Memento just because it wasn’t showed linearly (ironically it was shot linearly – made the actors lives easier I’m sure.) and I hate them. This movie’s got nothing to do with Memento, I couldn’t even relate the two… they’re both movies. Thats all I’ll say about that.

Thinking back piecing the movie together… I dunno, I think I’m going to keep my mouth shut.

Find someone good, who likes movies, who can appreciate them and watch this with them. Or do what I did and watch it alone. Either way it’s more then worth it.

Out of my self lately

I’ve been absent lately. Mostly because a good friend of mine was visiting from england. And that led to many things that took me away from home. Which is probably a good thing, I’ve been spending way to much time in doors. It’s a good thing to know one can leave home and stay out as long as they wish and still be completely functional. Or rather that they can be functional out doors, which is the part I’m quite glad about.

Now I’m not being totally clear here, I’m not a shut in. I’ve just been busy… And procrastinating…. which means I never have time to do anything at all

At least that’s how I’m feeling.

I’m sure I’ll get over it.

I did manage to spend an entire day walking around a zoo while only getting hit once or twice. (I can’t quite remember, I was operating on very little sleep.) I must admit I deserved it a little. I was in a trouble making mood.

I also managed to attend an “elegant dinner party” which I was ill dressed for (though not completely). It was the first time I actually needed the dress clothes that my brother destroyed a year or two ago. I think after my next big job I’ll get my self a nice set of formal ware.

I also got to see Snatch and Anastasia which were completely unrelated and decent movies. Snatch was just good. I also had the pleasure of explaining the plot to Nina a few times, I think it just moved a little fast for her. Apparently the fast talking British are no match for me though as I understood quite a lot of it and followed the plot quite nicely. Though I had some trouble with the Pikies as they talk in such a manor to confuse you. I had to turn to Ellie quite a few times for help.

Ellie was quite a pleasure to see again. She is an odd one though, but I’ve gotten used to that. ;-)

And thats my post for the week. I hope to have something a little more… umm well written for you next time.


(roll credits)

And I’m back 2: the webhost returns

Things have a been a little screwy lately due to problems at my Host. All of the stuff should be working again and should not break any further (at least not for the same reasons). About time if I don’t say so my self.

Kumar is a machine they tell me, in reality he’s one of the most visible technicians and fixes peoples problems quite quickly. He’s also been around the longest I hear. I managed to catch him when he got up around 4 am this morning (he’s in india so he follows IST not EST) and fix everything for me. And then I was done. He even stuck a fork in me. (Irc is such an odd medium.)