If you’re right 90% of the time, why quibble about the remaining 3%?

“Make no friendship with an elephant keeper
If you have no room to entertain an elephant.”

“A person isn’t the last conversation
you’ve had with them, they’re all the
conversations you’ve ever had.”

Incubus subucnI

So I went to Madison Square Garden tonight with Cassie, Caroline, Jenny, some guy I don’t know, Meggan, and some boyfriend of hers. Cindy, Becky, Julia, A girl I never got her name right, and a monkey had different seats but were there too.

I had a real good time. I can’t stress this enough.

I lost my voice with in the first 5 minutes.

Found some meaning to old songs.

Danced my ass off, sweated tones. I never dried from the rain that got me drenched earlier in the day.

Drove someone Cindy’s car home =)

Downloaded some more music to listen tomorrow.

Oh! and the Drums! I could barley keep up with them. I wore my self out pretty fast but I kept dancing anyway. I’ve never heard them play them before. They’re really good.

Ohhh that sound =)

I earned my sleep tonight.


Yoga in brooklyn

Someone asked me about yoga in brooklyn.
There’s plenty of places to go, I live in park slope so I walk over to union street to this place called Devi. I’ve only managed to attend one class so far (I’ve been to other yoga places in the past.) but the one class was good. I took a “hatha basic” (slow beginners – but not any less effective) class and it was amazing.

Yoga’s all about breathing, and meditation. So it confused me when I started and we did all the poses and movements. But once your comfortable at what your doing you get into this rhythm and its just you and your breath. No thoughts, no pressures, you just keep pace. (If your on your own I guess you don’t have to – but I’m nowhere ready for that)

I attended a few buddhist meditation sessions at a temple in queens. All they wanted you to do was sit and be comfortable, breath through your nose, and concentrate on the breath on the tip of your nose. Eventually you stop even noticing that and there’s nothing but calm, you just keep breathing and your mind “cleans itself”.

I got this feeling with the yoga, and the work out felt good too. So that night both my mind and body were at ease.


Eternal Sunshine


One day I’ll watch the movie with someone and it will have the effect it should. I saw it in theaters a long time ago but that night my mind wasn’t really there. I didn’t get that fulfilled feeling, I wasted my time.

Thanks to Frank for buying me the soundtrack off my Amazon wish list. It’s good music for a dam good movie.


The Icarus Project

The Bipolar World By Sascha Altman DuBrul

This guy started that site, I’m about to read his book.

I was told (I already knew – I just didn’t feel the need to name it) that I “show bipolar tendencies” the other day and it freaked me out. Just to name it scared me. I show tendencies – I’m like “bipolar light”. The diet cola of bipolar.

I had so many questions when he told me. “Will it get worse with age?” “Will it get worse at all?” “Will it go away?” “Will I be able to function alright?”

I got no answers. Just the name of a drug that can slow the cycle of my ups and downs. “Will it make me depressed longer?”

Its name is “Lamotrigine” or “Lamictal”. I haven’t researched it yet. But its a long term drug. I don’t like the idea of being on something for a long time.

I know its partly genetic but I know I get triggered from a whole bunch of things. I went to a party in February up here in NY and things went… not so well with an ex-girlfriend. Over the next two weeks I started to crash and then I stopped functioning. I wouldn’t even get up in the morning, or do anything I wanted to do. It happened again when finals came around. I did manage to get studying for one class done (and what a lot of studying it was), but after that I just stopped studying, and then I stopped doing things in the morning, the I stopped getting up. I was a wreck by the time finals came around but I managed to pull my self up and go take all of them. And then… lots of emotion – I had to move and I wasted another year of college – all sorts of thoughts, just that was enough but things were going bad with my ex-girlfriend and I ended up having panic attacks… I was on a “down” note at the time.

After I moved to Ny was “up” pretty much until about 2 weeks ago when I started missing work and not sleeping right. I don’t always get triggered but… it doesn’t usually doesn’t take much.

I’m on my way “up” right now, I’m going to yoga tomorrow night. Working all day. Probably cleaning a little more – get rid of some junk and maybe that broken bookshelf. I’m hoping I can have my self together a little more before I start to crash again, when ever that’s going to happen.

It’s just been something thats been on my mind. Something I’ve been thinking about.


How these thoughts leave you.

I had things to say… What were they? Where do my thoughts go?

I found my self on a beach and I talked my self into being inspired about my work at the school. Made me want to teach.

I made my self some toasted american cheese on rye bread with warm tomato soup. Made me happy.

I found a friend and we shared a hug. Let me relax.

I heard a song about things being alright. I bought the album and it was even better.

I was made a cup of chamomile tea with honey and a bit of lemon. It calmed my nerves, and my stomach.

I finished some of my work and got payed. I can now buy food, pay back my friends and save the rest. And get some rest.


Broken things and working things.

Roborooter.com is BACK! Took long enough, sorry about that people. I hear all my things are broken, so I checked into it and apparently they’re breaking everything on elvis. From when I fix it forward nothing will be on elvis. Anyone who goes there (you know what I’m talking about http://elvis.rowan.edu/~gulotta) will be cut. And I’ll be sure you get an error page telling you that.

I’ve got some other sites that I’ll be fixing and I’ll keep you all updated as I fix each one. Here’s the broken list (its everything but roborooter.com) in priority order.


I don’t know if the apartment is broken though… you still can see it at elvis, you may even be able to log in and post stuff, I dunno… Ok I checked it was broken and I fixed it. I know the elvis gallery is broken beyond repair (I still have all my photos – sarah’s too.)

Ok good night all. I have little children to help people teach in the morning.


Sleep, 6 hours and 2 points

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I’ll goto bed and wake up a few hours later and I won’t be able to get back to sleep. Last night I got to sleep around 11 and around 1 my phone rang, and then again around 2. I keep it on for emergencies and my friends who always forget to sleep at night. If I don’t want to get a call I won’t keep it on, simple as that. But usually, in fact always, I’ll go right back to sleep when woken, except this time I couldn’t sleep at all, so I was awake from 2am until … well now, (2am ish) with a few naps in between. I read somewhere you can function sleeping half an hour every 4 hours but only for a few days (then your body needs more rest). While I don’t recommend it, it seemed to work today.

So I took my 6 hour drivers point reduction class. It was… entertaining. An ex cop talked with us and showed us videos that loosely followed this book he gave us. He didn’t say stuff like “drive the speed limit” and “Stop at stop signs” instead everything stressed driving safe and keeping good distance from things. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. My favorite lie though was about drunk driving. “As a host its your responsibility to make sure your guests don’t drive drunk as well as your guests. Try ending the party with food or start making weaker drinks at the end of the night. Why would you want to get anyone drunk anyway?”

The class had a bunch of younger people 18-25 and a bunch of older people 35-55 and not a single one of us kept from laughing.

It was all moot though, I’ll get the 2 points off my NJ license and then I’ll get a NY one and my points won’t transfer. And despite that car insurance is still an arm and a leg in brooklyn (the most expensive in the state) and I’ll have to trade my volvo for a vespa or something. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do there quite yet.

I need to sleep better.