Coffee and Cigarettes and Park Slope

Coffe and Cigarettes is a movie thats out now at BAM (probably other odd theaters too). I’d take a look at the trailer if anything. It looks odd yet fun and the cast is so amazing that I’m wondering what the hell is going on. You’ve got everyone from Roberto Benigni to Bill Murray to The White Stripes each in their own skit in this film.

(Btw I’m hosting that trailer off my own server not apples so if you want a link to show your friends either send them here or send a link to roborooter. I don’t mind spending my bandwidth if they bother to read my site, but I want them to bother.)

In other news I’m living in brooklyn. This entire week (I’m checking my calendar – I’m using iCal exclusively now, its keeping me sane.) and some of last week I’ve been moving. Part driving my stuff up from Glassboro, park moving it in to my new apartment (at Franks) and the last and hardest part putting my stuff into franks and making the place livable.

I took a break on monday and hung out with Yana. She’s the Jill I never got to know. (few people will understand this) I walked around park slope and we got to talk about many things. It was quite fun. And I’ve captioned each picture so it tells a little story. As stories go its a short one but its got plenty of pictures.

I also wanted to show you a little of what I was doing at franks. I’ve got the kitchen almost setup the way I like it, sorta have food in it (I need to go shopping but the food around here isn’t as good as the big ShopRight in Glassboro.) and its clean. I’ve been cleaning a lot.

I figured I’d start from the back and work my way front. So my room and the kitchen first and then the main room. I’ve got some photos of the process. More when I find my cable for my camera.

You might notice all the milk crates. I love those things, they stack, they’re easy to put together and they don’t break or crush like boxes. I could make a couch out of them if I wanted to, but I’ll stick to night stands and shelves for now. Cleaning them is a bitch though.

I’m still going to be on my mega pace working on things for the next few days. Sunday will be my day of rest, and NOW is the time to sleep.


American Beauty and Troy

Troy was good, Achilles was valiant and could care less about the war and his part was played well. It wasn’t Gladiator epic, but It shouldn’t have had been.

American Beauty was… beautiful =)


PS. Alright you deserve a better update then this. I’ve been moving, I’ve got most of my stuff here in ny and I’m trying to not live out of stolen milk crates (I’ve got sooo many.) I’ve been spending quality time with old friends but I need to go reach out to other ones I haven’t seen in a while.

If I haven’t done the folowing in the next 2 weeks I need to be slapped.
1) have wizardcomputing setup and clients being taken
2) Jazz club with Yana, she loves the music as much as I do.
3) Finish cleaning the apartment and have room for a couch. (So many bags of trash I’ve taken out already!)
4) At least called emily.

-Good night

Donie Darko

I should have gone to bed, but I don’t regret it. I just got to watch my very own copy of Donie Darko. I got it for my birthday and had lent it to my brother. I’m glad I have it back. It’s such a story.

(I’ve got about 1000 thoughts I want to share inspired from this movie. About love, hate, time travel, alternate dimensions, pre-destiny, self censorship, small town society, beliefs and how then can consume, and some more on love.)

I’m a firm believer that a belief or theory should be used, shared and discarded. Like shucking fresh corn. Except I don’t think we’d ever be done believing things, I don’t think we’d ever find what ever absolute truth we were looking for.

I think I also miss California. The kind of missing where you haven’t actually had the thing you miss, it’s almost like I miss the yearning for the mountains and the climate. I wonder how my mother puts up with such a loss.

And while I’m on the topic (whether you know it or not). A Home Test for Parallel Universes I don’t actually believe it but it is neat. It really shows diffraction at its best, I’m remembering something about double-slit experiments in physics. Either way, its neat.


4 of 4!!!!!

404? no! I finished my last final project!

I haven’t Showered, or Shaved, or Changed since I started this thing 3 days ago. I want to play City of Heros! But I want to be clean a whole lot more. I also need to get josh melissa’s rent (she’s good for it) in cash so it clears before our rent check.

!!!! =0

I’m done!

btw if your ever programing in java and you get a problem with serialization give up right away. Its not worth it.

Java makes a much better coffee.


3 of 4

A lot of talk coming about where I should live, what school I should attend, jobs, career choices, everything. I don’t even want to think about it.

Final 3 of 4 was in Calculous. I did so/so. I’ll know for sure sometime in two weeks.


2 of 4

I was too blown away by my second final last night to post. It wasn’t *that* hard, it was just a mind fuck. Thank you Dr. Provine! I’ll recommend this professor to anyone who wants to learn and can take a little bit of pressure. He’s certainly not the type to do all the teaching him self.

“What’s blah and blah?”
“I don’t know.” (lie) “What do you think blah and blah is?”

I’m off to my calc final, I suck so much at this, I feel like I’ve been taking calculous for ever, like its a bully that keeps kicking my ass and taking my lunch money. Its not even that hard. I better not keep any money on me just in case though.


1 of 4

I just finished 1 final and I’m left with the remaining 3.

My second one is tonight at 6:30.

At 10:15 I sat down for my symbolic logic final. I had actually gotten there early so you could say I sat down at 10:10 for the final but the professor didn’t show until 10:15. I took the test and brought it up to the front. I wasn’t the first one finished but I was hardly the last. I did rather well I think, there was nothing I couldn’t figure out eventually.

A month ago I missed the second test for the class and my emails regarding the test were never returned. I also didn’t return to the class myself… The past two weeks I’ve been a total wreck barely leaving the house. The two weeks prior I was a partial wreck and defiantly didn’t have things together.

So to study for the class I sat in Starbucks and did the semesters worth of homework, and today, it payed off.

I apologized for my absences and I showed him I had done all the homework. Then I asked him about the missed test, asked him how he wanted to handle it. Now for what I didn’t expect. Dr. Bigaj handed me another version of the test I missed and I sat back down.

It took me all the time for the final but I was able to finish the second test and hand it in on time. I even did the extra credit. Dr Bigaj even took a few pages of my homework.

I like this guy Dr. Bigaj and I’ll recommend him as a professor for anybody. I screwed up in his class but I learned the material and he’s still going to give me a grade based on that. I’m dam lucky.



I was talking with some of my friends the other day. One of them is about to venture into college and is thinking about becoming a teacher, another who has already ventured is thinking about it too. This is at Brooklyn College, which is cheep, close to Park Slope, and is dam good at education education.

Here at rowan My roommate melissa is graduating. She’s been a senior for a little while and was finishing up some minors when she decided that she didn’t want to do it anymore. She dropped some classes and is going to graduate in a week or two. She got her cap and gown the other day. She’s still not sure what she’s going to do after graduation.

Sarah and Josh are far along in their education, sarah still has 2 more years but she’s acquired a nice amount of credits and is looking forward to graduate school. (hehe – Dr. Sarah) Josh has around 3 semesters left, he just needs to finish off his requirements and then he’s off to Japan to teach english. That’s not a career goal but he’ll figure out something, he always does.

Matthew is going to be attending Rowan full time again, while living on campus. He’s hated being a commuter so much he’s dubbed his commuter parking tag his “Shame tag”. I’m sure his family will still call him home to help with things but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Nothing makes me happier then seeing my friends succeed and do themselves right. I’m proud of them.

I’m off to go work on that for myself (studding hard at Starbucks). Wish me luck.