Apple Script

So I wrote a Shell Script.

cp -v `lsof |grep -i QTP| grep iTunes|awk '{ print $9 }'` ~/Desktop/

And then someone else wrote an applescript wrapper.

set originalFile to do shell script "lsof |grep -i QTP| grep iTunes|head -1|awk '{ print $9 }'"
if length of originalFile is greater than 0 then
set newFile to POSIX path of (choose file name with prompt "Save movie as:" default name "iTunes")
if length of newFile is greater than 0 then
if newFile does not end with ".mov" then set newFile to newFile & ".mov"
do shell script "cp -v '" & originalFile & "' '" & newFile & "'"
end if
display dialog "No movie found." buttons {"OK"} default button "OK"
end if

(Just to note this is hardly the only applescript made from my command line thing. It’s just the best one. You can read the full macosxhints thread here.)

I even found mention of it on Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes. And in case you haven’t figured it out the script copies iTunes Movies (music or trailer) to your desktop.

I’d also like to thank my friend Mike who helped inspire this one afternoon long ago. Before I thought “Hey lets pull this out of the cache!” we tried very many things, some of wich worked. We ended up making a wget command and spoofing the useragent. Ettercap’s http stream grabbing doesn’t work very well – we both concluded on that.



I’m sitting on my porch with the two good cats. I’m going over mail and BOOM! Some engine starts and sends all the geese, and baby ducks wild! (Yes we now have at least one family of baby ducks!)

I’m going to try and find the ducklings tomorrow and take pictures.


Ali G

In order to lighten the mood I present you with yesterdays post run through the Ali G translator.


me is told panic attacks is all in your mind. yous can eitha fear da attack and ave one, or yous can ave somethin trigga it. i get triggered panic attacks, my breaf will shortun, my eart rate will increase, and i’ll get palpitations dig crazy. i can calm down but my eart will still steadily beat away dig its got somethin to prove palpatin da entire time.

i also can’t go to me julie whun i get worked up.

today i finished a total of 11 ours of omework spannin ova two days. i’d drive to star bucks, purchase an iced chai, and sit at a bar stool and do my wurk. da .5 mg of clonazepam elped too. i was prescribed clonazepam a while back to elp me go to me julie (to replace da ambian i sometimes take). i thought it was a go to me julie aid and it’s not. so i figured it didn’t wurk. apparently it was developed fa people who ave seizures, it calms da brain to put it simply. da prescribin docta figured i’d calm down and fall asleep, i figured it would elp me goto go to me julie so i didn’t think it worked. i’ve read up on it since thun.

so me is done wiv all my symbolic logic omework – eva. i did it all from da first assignment to da last. tomorrow i start calculous. thun i make sure me is caught up wiv lab techniques, and i wurk on my java project. (i need to learn file io.)

i should be completely wrapped up wiv finals and projects by wednesday may 5f. i start my summa session up june 1st. wiv a brief overlap in summa sessions i ave physics and thun scool composition until august 12f.

from august 12f until around august 31st i plan on visitin europe.

anyway – my earts slowed. me is keepin fings out of mind and me is goin to try to fall asleep again.

Sleep and panic attacks

I’m told panic attacks are all in your mind. You can either fear the attack and have one, or you can have something trigger it. I get triggered panic attacks, my breath will shorten, my heart rate will increase, and I’ll get palpitations like crazy. I can calm down but my heart will still steadily beat away like its got something to prove palpating the entire time.

I also can’t sleep when I get worked up.

Today I finished a total of 11 hours of homework spanning over two days. I’d drive to star bucks, buy an iced chai, and sit at a bar stool and do my work. The .5 MG of Clonazepam helped too. I was prescribed Clonazepam a while back to help me sleep (to replace the Ambian I sometimes take). I thought it was a sleep aid and it’s not. So I figured it didn’t work. Apparently it was developed for people who have seizures, it calms the brain to put it simply. The prescribing doctor figured I’d calm down and fall asleep, I figured It would help me goto sleep so I didn’t think it worked. I’ve read up on it since then.

So I’m done with all my Symbolic logic homework – ever. I did it all from the first assignment to the last. Tomorrow I start Calculous. Then I make sure I’m caught up with Lab Techniques, and I work on my Java Project. (I need to learn file IO.)

I should be completely wrapped up with finals and projects by Wednesday May 5th. I start my summer session up June 1st. With a brief overlap in summer sessions I have Physics and then College Composition until August 12th.

From August 12th until around August 31st I plan on visiting Europe.

Anyway – my hearts slowed. I’m keeping things out of mind and I’m going to try to fall asleep again.

Toaster Oven

I got a Toaster Oven for $5 at the Goodwill store. I don’t know if everyone knows this but I’ve been wanted a toaster oven for a long time. Its like an oven with the convenience of a toaster. I can now make my toasted sandwiches with out having to heat up an entire oven!

Its like this one but has one dial for time and nothing else.

And while I may be pleased as punch I’m not quite as proud as this lady.


Paper Shredder

I’ve been a real fucking waste lately. I haven’t been getting up, or going to class, or feeling fulfilled or happy. At least I get my self out of the house at least once a day, and I try to be active if you call my sheet of everyday stretches (that I do maybe twice a week) active.

I got a review book for calculous, I doubt the professor will be ecstatic that I’ve missed class but, eh.

Symbolic logic I’m doing all the homework so I’ll be caught up. I was going to do that all today but I slept in, didn’t get out of the house, and then saw a play and a bunch of my friends invited them selves over to my house. So ehh. I don’t want to hear shit about priorities, it’s not their fault I haven’t done this shit already.

I’d go on explaining how I’m going to wing this but I’d just hear “you got to just get it done” or “You need to make priorities and goto tutoring.” or “Why aren’t you going to class?”

I just want to tell all the voices of reason in my head to fuck off.

Nothing I’ve wanted has gone well this year, fucking 2004, its been shitty so far.

I’m taking summer classes, I probably won’t get a job a rowan due to my grades. (I should pass everything but… eh.) I don’t even have a fucking place to live. And when I do find one it won’t have a garden. All I wanted was a fucking garden. I wanted to till the soil and plant grass, trim the 2 hedges and plant some bulbs so I’d have pretty flowers. Tulips and lilies – I’d even get the right kind of soil to make sure they grew right.

The three things I’m proud of lately.

1) (and this is bull shit) I’ve made a conscious effort to limit my time on the computer. But I Can’t figure out what I’ve been doing instead. Probably just using the computer.
2) I got a broken paper shredder at good will for a dollar. I fixed it in 10 minutes and shredded everything I could find (and some things that needed shredding). And then failed to find a paper recycling bin and threw the bag of paper out.
3) … I had a 3rd thing but I can’t even remember it.

What a mood I’m in.

Tonight I watched a good bunch of people be stupid, I tried to join in a little but by the end of the night I was just bitter. I watched – hell I encouraged once I saw it happening – a girl I know fool around with some boy who’s not her boyfriend. That kind of pissed me off. Relationships piss me off in general. They’re sweet and cute when you see people in love, but the other parts piss me off. Maybe its just people in general.

Fuck you Black Jack Davy.

Its an old folk song, the White Stripes did a really good version of it. Their music is a little different but it only adds to the song. They did it really well.

I’m pissed that because of my summer classes I’ll be in class all summer with only a few weeks at the end of august to do anything away from Jersey. I’ll have plenty of time while classes are going on as they aren’t all day but I’ll have to remain here. I was hoping to spend the time gardening and fixing up my new house. I was also going to go around and fix computers. I do a better job then anybody out there and my price is right.

I doubt that I have the resolve to make it happen. I’m starting to hate this town actually. I no longer really want to stay here. I’m told they have a fee if you rent any apartment to college students? I don’t even know if thats true but its what the jack ass who doesn’t want me moving into the house I was looking at mentioned to his real-estate agent. She was nice enough but knew shit about the property, just showed us around. Too bad her boss jerked us around.

I should probably sleep so I’m functional tomorrow. Another day come and gone. Another day wasted on me. I wish I knew what the hell is wrong with me.



Well our fucking landlord wanted to up the rent to $360 per person (didn’t matter who was living there). With the same for the security deposit. If he didn’t want us living there he should have said something and not pulled this bull shit. Tomorrow I’m going to see if there are offices I can visit to make sure I got all the facts strait. But to be honest I’m going there because he’s not treating us like tenants, he’s treating us like children.

I wish I had some comps in the area, I bet a quick call could figure out how much comparable buildings are.

Bottom line, I don’t like the way he’s treating me and my room mates. I just wanted a garden!

I did get that hair cut today and it doesn’t look half bad. I kept my hair a bit longer then my normal “I don’t know what I looked like before so just cut most of it off” cut. But its oh so much shorter then what I had before.

I like taking upside-down pictures of my self, they seem to come out better.
Almost as good as swiveling in my chair.

I’ll leave you today with the lyrics to a beautiful song that Sarah found. I suggest you go find someone with the Sew True album and listen to the song your self.

Glass Vase Cello Case
by Tattle Tale

Breathe into my hands are cupped
and like a glass to drink from;
Are you still,
still breathing.
Are you still,
Are you still,
still breathing.
Are you still,
Breathe into my hands are cupped
and like a glass to drink from…


This one’s for Nina

So I went and got 2 new shirts and a calculous book this morning. I’d buy another shirt if they had it in red instead of “rust”.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day working on Symbolic Logic (If I could get the dam homework site to load.) and at 3 I’ll be viewing my new apartment with the owner and 2 prospective room mates.

I’m also about to go get a haircut. My hair has gotten a little out of control for my tastes. I’ll have to see how short I get it cut.

This is for Nina, may her legacy live for as long as that white board does.

I’m heading back out for a hair cut and study time. Oh and don’t forget the White Stripes. I could jam to their music all day. I think I will.