Art School Girl (Stone Temple Pilots)

I gotta girlfriend, she goes to art school
I gotta art school girlfriend yeah
I gotta girlfriend, she gotta girlfriend
We gotta girlfriend, girlfriend gotta go

She left her home from sweet alabama
Rose alabama for the city, new york city yeah

I told you five or four times

I gotta girlfriend, she goes to parties
Underground parties, andy warhol everywhere
She wears the leather, I wear the make up
Weíll never break up, been together for a month

She left her home form sweet alabama
Rose alabama for the city, new york city yeah

I told you five or four times

To Be Humbled

Last night it rained. It was too cold for actual snow so a rain like ice storm took place in its stead. The already snow covered ground got a thin layer of ice. Not enough to cause any problems if you stepped on it and broke through to snow underneath (I love walking on snow like this by the way) but if it was on asphalt or concrete you have difficulty. To make matters worse the morning snow covered it all up so you couldn’t tell one way or another.

After digging out my car and skillfully sliding out of my developments parking lot I drove to school to find my morning class canceled. Dr. Howe, a hippie by nature (likes to play pool I hear) lives out near the shore and commutes every morning. Following Josh’s wisdom that ‘if you say he won’t be there he will be there’ I never decided that he probably wasn’t coming to school today. So I’ve got 2 hours to kill.

My next class at 9:50 is Java for Object Oriented Programming with John Robinson. I’ve heard good things but I’m a little annoyed he made us buy 2 textbooks (and recommended two more) for a one-credit class. I have yet to have a class with him since he canceled his first class.

I decided I’d pick up a copy of ‘Pattern Recognition’ (by William Gibson) from the Campbell Library here on campus. I figured I could read to pass the time and I haven’t touched my copy since I got here 2 weeks ago. I walked into the library and used the computer to look up up the call number. The librarian told me the 4th floor. The fourth floor of the Campbell Library is huge. Row after row of shelf after shelf of book after book I looked at trying to find just one. Its humbling the amount of literature in that library. The shear amount of information in each one of those books is impressive but to have hundreds of thousands of books all in order and each one completely thought out. Every book given a unique number thought about and then placed in a specific section. It’s quite impressive.

I chatted with the librarian about their new circulation and catalog software and how a piece of paper won’t crash and that’s why it’s important to keep a paper trail. I mentioned how I set up a (albeit much smaller) similar system at a junior high school up in New York and how the librarian still uses cards along with the computer ‘just in case’.

I like getting up early.


Joro’s Place John Robinson’s home page.
Campbell Library at Rowan University

TGI… the weekend!

Hello everybody.

Philadelphia is a wonderful city. It’s got style, flare, and it’s not New York. New York City is wonderful in its self but to have the same sort of gathering of culture somewhere else, filling a different city, its refreshing. And they have good cheesesteaks.

I consider myself lucky. I have Calculus 3 days a week (monday, wednesday, friday) at 8am, and Symbolic Logic twice a week (tuesday and thursday) at 9:50 am. I’ve got other classes in the morning too (Computer Lab Techniques, Intro to Java Object Oriented Programming, and Micro Economics) just not that early but thats not the point. I’m lucky because I don’t have Calculus with Dr. Charzar (I don’t want to remember his real name – he’s better as a pokemon) I have it with Dr. Howe. He was described to me by 3 different people as a hippie but an excellent teacher.

I’ve been getting up early ever day this week. So friday after my 8am to 8:50am class (my only class of the day) I came home and slept for 8 hours and I felt great! Like Toni the tiger.

I’m in a war with my drunk neighbor who’s blasting music so loud its shaking things because we were a little loud last night. We don’t try to piss them off. I happen to like the father and the kids. But the lady she’s going down.


PS They Finally shut the fuck up.

Calc in SCIENCE BLDG†128

To add to my frustrations the one calc class that I got my self signed in to with the distain of the department chair is the department chairs own calc class!!!!

The good news is it looks like they might close the class because it only has 3 people in it. The worse news is that I don’t know if I can get signed into another calc class with out seeing him first.

I’m not liking this at all, not one bit. On top of that he’s a bad teacher too. I checked. I’m seriously thinking not going through with this. Everything is just a fucking challenge and I don’t want to put up with it. Not one bit, not at all, not in the slightest. =0!!!

UPDATE: =0!!!! I just checked up on it and it turns out the class is almost full not almost empty!

I don’t dig this you see.


“Also, I was standing in Target today and I almost started shooting people, but then I remembered I was real.” – In reference to playing to much GTA: Vice City on

I used to play GTA3 all day and then when driving on the road I’d size up Ambulances and Fire Trucks. To be honest it was kind of creepy.

On a slightly related topic I had an awesome dream where I had to fight some guy and his shadow with my sword so I could get my shield back. And then the 4 of us (we umm.. had just broken out of this castle and now we snuck back in to get our things?) had to fight this cool ghost ladies shadow which was pure evil and quite nasty looking.

Definite zelda influences I can’t say that I’ve seen any other game besides “Wind Waker” with that particular fighting style. (I don’t recall wearing green though…) And the ghost lady I think I picked up from an episode of Angle I saw the other day. I’ve also been playing a bunch of Jedi Academy but the dream was nothing like it so I dunno.

I’ve got to get some sleep, pack, and then say good bye to this place.


Bad day, good day

I had a good weekend hanging out with bill and his girlfriend. (Sarah too) I had never met her before but I told him that I approve. (I do.)

The next day I spent with Rowan University. I had a bad time and I didn’t even finish everything that I needed to do. So I left and I have to finish the rest by phone or internet. I was also denied a loan for next semester and had to beg the head of Mathematics to let me retake calc again (as I got a D this semester – and withdrew 2 other times as I did all my classes last year.) he never wants to see me again but he let me do it.

Work was good today. I go back tomorrow. Having some trouble finishing a lab due to that teacher that runs it but it should blow over. I hope.

I’ve had quite a few people tell me that I should change majors. My academic advisor, the head of the math department, my calc teacher… I’ve heard “Math just isn’t your thing, your not good at it.” and other statements.

Fuck You people.

I go back to rowan saturday. This has been one heck of a month.