Moby Swirly Blues

I just found a copy of the playlist I used to create my Moby Swirly Blues mix. Its 19 Moby songs in a quite soothing order. I made it to use to goto sleep but people (like my Dad of all people) started to like it so I burned a few copies to keep around the house. (All fair use of my music that I legally own – I assure you.) Anyway I had since lost the cds and the playlist and now they are found.

The name comes from a friend of mine and of course Moby.

Read on for track names and albums they are from.

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New Photos

I have lots of new photos from this weekend. From my Grandparents visit to my night wandering the city. I also have pictures from my trip to the Cherry Hill Volvo Service Station and just hanging around campus.

My favorite series I call Snow Brooklyn that I took right after it snowed on sunday.

I want to show everybody my night hangout Liberty Diner its a heck of a place – I love it.

I also created a new fake webcam that you can see on the right there. (Quite Noticeable)

Lastly the biggest shoot of the weekend was hanging out with my friends in manhattan where we saw Big Fish the movie it was quite good. But I hear it was a pretty good book too.

It was a good weekend. Enjoy the photos and feel free to leave comments on them (you can you know). Ohh and just because people don’t always realize if the photo has a frame around it (like a Polaroid sorta) its an album and you can click on it to see the photos its contains.

Ohh and a few of those photos were taken by other people they’ll get credit soon enough. (The “owner” of each photo.) They just need to get around to it.


I’ve been making a list of people to get stuff for. And then.. People asked me what I wanted…

Click Here to find out.

I really can’t think of much else. I mean if you give me a card and a hug I’ll be just as happy. Or you could always click my pay pal link on the right and send me the $5 they give you to sign up. (Or do they not do that anymore?) The holidays shouldn’t be about giving gifts (even though I’d like to give a bunch) it should be about the people you’re around. The gift is just an excuse to make them happy.



Just a warning: To my Dad, my family my friends. This semester hasn’t been the greatest academically. I will have more credits to show then I did last semester. I mean I dam well better, no excuse this time – not that the excuses mattered anyway. I’m at risk for loosing my financial aid because of the grades. Unfortunately it will be several weeks until I can know for sure what will happen.

I just want to say that I’m waking up. I’ve found the spark that’s my confidence, my ambition, my drive.

I feel really silly for saying this.

For the past almost 2 years I can’t say I’ve felt… great. Today (tonight – its late – I’ve been thinking all night) I see some hope for me.

This winter break I want to work a lot. My personal bank accounts have fallen quite low and I want to work them back up myself. I also plan on establishing some credit as it appears I have none. Or at least not enough to buy a stupid cell phone.

I probably shouldn’t say all this now… Its late, I’m tired, and I’m almost sure I’m less coherent then I think I am. I just don’t want anyone to worry. It’s not your place anymore. I’m growing on this life thing, its not easy but I’m far from failing. I just want to say that…

Good night.