Ghost World

I’m not sure what to say about this movie. Here let me link you first.

These two girls. They graduate high school (well sorta). One of them gets a job, an apartment, starts to do things with her life. The other just gets confused. But it’s not like she’s doing nothing with her life. Its just she doesn’t like where she is or what she’s doing. She’s just sorta floating while life pulls her in all sorts of directions. And in the end she doesn’t conquer her problems or find direction in life, she runs. Its too late to figure this all out.

Image stolen from the official movie site.

Credit goes to my little brother for recommending this film to me. Many times. Seriously he loves this movie. Its #1 on his list. He showed me.

NYC Drivers License

Change of Sex

Maybe its best I got a NJ License. Not that the link is bad in anyway. Infact Its probably a good idea that they acknowledge the fact that things like that can happen.

In better news any problems you’ve had accessing the site should now be cleared up. It was a side effect of one of the many viruses that have been sweeping the land.

I’ll update you all on my move and my trip to canada later.


Last night I saw radiohead in concert. *grin* It was good. I can’t say I like the tweeter center too much though. (Its located in Camden right near Phillidelphia.) The sound isn’t as good as other open air venus. At the PNC bank arts center (quite a bit north of the tweeter center but still in New Jersey) you can still feal the sound out on the grass. And as one of my friends who went to this concert says Madison Square Garden (not open air but just as large) is good becasuse even if you have bad seats (they just keep getting higher and farther away.) you can still get good sound.

They way I figure it. I can sit at home and listen to music. I have decent speakers (Klipsch 2.1) and if I really wanted I could go use my Audiophile Godfather’s speakers but really even with headphones you’ll get better sound then at a concert. So you don’t goto a concert for the good sound. You go because you get to be around 200 people grooving to the same sound you are. You go because you like to be able to sing along at the top of your lungs and just have your voice (as off key as it maybe) just add to the collective singing of the audience. You go because you can jump around, get sweaty, yell, make a jerk of your self, dance all crazy and not even stand out. Even at mild concerts – Let me just make a quick note that I’m talking about Classical Concerts, I’m talking about rock, concerts and the like. You won’t find the boston pops at the Electric Factory. As I was saying.. Even at mild concerts you can stand up and feel the sound flow through you. The concert is an experience it isn’t just the music.

When I went to go see Zwan at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia I had palpitations. The music was loud, not too loud but loud enough that when Paz would play the base guitar I could feel it vibrate through out the crowd in your chest. They played a song called Jesus with long pulsating chords and some girl in the front told Billy (the lead singer – who told the crowd) that she had an orgasm. I can believe it. The song could pick you up and carry you for .. minutes (hey its only one song) its good.

Anyway I’ve got to get to sleep, tomorrow I’ve got a jam packed day. Two things first.
1) If you have a copy of the game postal that is not yours, give it back to Michael please.
2) I have a whole bunch of unfinished posts that I indented on finishing before I leave for school on friday.


I saw a man beaten yesterday and I got ice.

I watched a guy beat another man on the subway yesterday. After we pulled into the 4th ave and 9th street station on the F train the doors opened and everyone in the car heard a loud smack. A black guy was beating an older businessman with an umbrella. Everyone on the train started making a commotion. “Stop that!” some woman (who had a lot to say even after we left the station) screamed after each hit. Everyone stared at the beating and I think some people tried to push the guy away but it was hardly a wholehearted effort. Some people yelled out to stop the train. Many other people (including my self) yelled to not stop the train. The guy with the umbrella was gone and there was no need to stop everyone because of it. Someone suggested that a complaint should be filed.

How on earth would you lodge a complaint? “Excuse me officer? I’d like to lodge a complaint to that black man who beat me with an umbrella. His name? Sorry… Where did he go? Well it was 10 minutes ago… I donít know but he’s not on the F-Train I just got off. Am I hurt? Well my pride is pretty damaged, but it wasn’t that bad.” The cops would tell you to quit pissing off strangers in the subway.

I really wish something could have been done, but what was I supposed to do chuck dry ice at him? Speaking of dry ice I got to play with a fair amount. Read on for pictures.

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Let’s talk about our problems.

All right I’m watching some stupid TV show on MTV. Road Rules. Like almost every other reality show out there they have the people talk about each other on camera after each event. I figure that if they didn’t analyze every action each of them made then maybe they wouldn’t hate each other so much. Can people over look differences if they truly arenít made to look at them? If I don’t like you and I never stop to think about it, can we still get along?

Now one could argue that this leads to repressed emotions. One of the leading reasons for therapy I think. But would be the problem with it? I think a little repression in this case would do us all a favor. Why do people feel the need to share everything?

This makes me wonder why people don’t limit them selves more often. Sure you should go cease the moment but shouldn’t you leave some un-ceased too? The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

At this hour I’m probably talking nonsense. I woke up Saturday evening around 7pm and now at 5:15 am I’m going to hit the sack again. I can’t let myself sleep in that long. It messes my sleep patterns up for the next few days.