What to write.

I think I’ll post some of that stuff I never finished. I usually make notes about what I want to write and then expand them. The notes are included. But first I’d like to say that this site on its current host will never have any ads. I guess its for the best but I almost made a dollar selling ad space.

Date: Sun May 4, 2003 23:41:51 America/New_York

Subject: Thursday

One day I want to raise my kids in a place like this.

I sit on the porch swing in the front of my Aunt’s house and sway back and forth. I can hear kids laughing in the distance. The wind blows and the trees sway overhead. The trees. The trees are huge compared the ones that line the streets of the more rural areas of New York City. I’ve never seen oak trees get so big and stay so green. Its a cool day – not cold like it has been everywhere else I’ve been but cool. I could wear my sweatshirt if I wanted but I’m plenty comfortable in my tee-shirt. I’m actually a little sweaty after running around with my cousin and his friends. The quality of light under a tree is something I’ve been missing. I would live here, I could live here.

Edmunds is a suburb of Seattle, about 15 miles north. Its quite an easy commute into the city, takes about half an hour by car. By car is the only way – the only public transit is busses and they don’t run this far out. Seattle is a good city. Its not large by far but what it lacks in size it makes up for in culture and architecture.

weather in seattle – trees – view from swing

hanging out with the boys (I never thought I’d have so much fun hanging out with a bunch of 12 year olds.)

need for a car in suberbia


pike street tomorow



Andrew is a Uber Skill.

Penny Arcade is quite funny.

Some of you are suggesting it might be a problem on my end, that maybe I
have a shitty connection. That hurts. That is like a guy telling you his
marriage is going down hill and you say “Well did you ever think that
maybe your dick is too small?”

But Lately I’ve been reading Little gamers lately.



The first picture of earth from mars was taken the other day. While as far as pictures go it sucks it is still quite amazing. I’d credit the following pictures if I knew where they came from. Probably Space.com.

As I said its a crappy picture. The image on the right shows what you’re seeing. This comes from a much larger picture that also shows Jupiter and our moon. But I warn you its quite large and is mostly black. You can find it here.

I saw the second Matrix the other day. It was pretty good, I know a lot of people don’t like it but like “The Empire Strikes Back” it sets up the 3rd movie and ends on a downer. Another downer is that the first time I went to go see it (at the Lowes Lincoln Square) I got denied entry because not everyone in our group had ID. Apparently you now need state identification to go see a movie that’s rated R. The six of us went and got noodles instead. This is of course after arguing for entry. “Since when was a movie theater require as much identification as an air port?” I got an almost full refund (I got them online and the surcharge wasn’t refunded.). The noodles were quite good. I now wait for the third Matrix to come out. =)

And just because I found it interesting here is a link for a picture of Saturn and the website it came from.


I lied

Ok I lied sorta. I’ve written a whole lot but I never finished anything. I’ll make sure to post it all this week and quit the one post a week deal. But for now I leave you with this quote.

“The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.” -Albert Einstein



First off I got home safe and sound. A couple hours late mind you but safe and sound. My father (even at such a late hour) picked me up and drove me home.

(Writing in progress)

Flying home.

When ever I experience something spectacular I always fear that I will never be able to capture that event again. I always fear that I will never be able to share it with anyone else. I could write books and take pictures and tell stories but no matter how hard I try I can never get anyone else to see things how I have. My only hope is that as long as I keep trying it won’t be a loss. Unfortunately things fade so fast when committed to memory that I forget things that had once made such an impact on my life. I am a creature composed not of my own experiences but on the effects they had.

I’m currently flying over Greneda Lake Mississippi and over the biggest thunderstorm I have ever seen. My plane left an hour and a half late due to weather. The pilot warned that there were storms ahead and we’d be heading due south so we could avoid them (Just for those who don’t know I’m on my connecting flight from Salt Lake City heading towards New York.) and that it would take some extra time to get home. For our troubles they gave us the head sets to listen to the movie for free.

Turbulence has never bothered me (I find it kinda fun ironically.). When your flying (you can thank my 1 glider lesson for this – I just might take it up again I quite liked it.) you can think of it like your on a slice of air. When you’re in a plane its a little different than a glider because you make your own force and you don’t use gravity to propel you but the concept is the same. When your floating over the slice you’ll hit ripples and currents just like you were in water. Planes have always put up with this and it won’t cause any of them to crash or have their wings break off anymore then a wave would sink a boat. (In retrospect boats can be sunk by ripples and current but the bigger the boat harder it is. A jet plane is a pretty big boat so never fear.)

After the movie (Dare Devil) I went to the bathroom. On my way back to my seat I noticed some people watching something out the windows near the back. “What are we looking at?” I asked. “Take a look its amazing.” I kneeled down (there are no seats in this area) and moved towards the window. The clouds were lightig up as they wisped by the wing. Cool but not amazing. As I got closer I saw a bolt of lightening arc through the sky below. It illuminated the sky and I could see the storm clouds blanket the city below and the country side for as far as I could see. You could see the clusters of lights through breaks in the storm. And we were just a small speck in the great sky above. “It kinda puts things in perspective.” someone murmured. We watched a few more flashes in complete awe. We couldn’t see if the lightening stuck the ground or arced across the sky only a glow that lit up the clouds all around. It was amazing. Eventually the others went back to their seats. I watched a little more as people passing by took glances at the night below. I got up and walked back to my seat.

It didn’t take long to pass that storm but the turbulence is still rocking the plane subtly back and forth every so often. When we’re not in clouds I can make out towns and cities below purely by the light they put out. I can see how streets follow the hills and rivers. How people chose where to live or where not to. I can even find people live far away from everyone else in the country side, even where their closest neighbor is. I had a professor that got his doctorate in global information systems. He could map any kind of data onto a satellite image. His thesis was on urban sprawl. From up here I can see why he finds it so interesting. With satellites you can get this view all the time.

(The turbulence is picking up – its quite hard to type.)

I should get home safely in another hour and a half. (Quite bumpy now!) I will see you all alter. (Ykes!)