Multi Update

I’ve got more to say but I’m too tired now. This is a long one anyway. =)

Clouds in Richland
I guess it has to do with the desert. The clouds in Taos New Mexico were amazing I have entire collections of photos of just the clouds. It includes everything from the small little puffy ones that travel for miles dodging the larger sprays of clouds with out form, from the titanic solid clouds that look like gigantic ships slowly cruising the sky to the stews of everything, mixed but not melded together, each cloud separate from the rest, picking up on its own color light and casting its own shadows on the other clouds and and the ground below. I find it breathtaking to watch them during a sunset. More breath taking then the sun could ever be.

I sat in front of a Starbucks the other day. I had nothing to do, no pressing matters. I had borrowed my Grandmother’s car to go to a Radio Shack to get an adapter so I could listen to music in the car. I was hungry so I got a taco from Taco Bell before I parked. I sat in front of the Star Bucks eating my taco, drinking a frappachino and relaxing. I called up my girlfriend and we talked while I sat back and watched the sky. I was just content.

(Just to note my Grandfather has lent me the car so I can visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin in Edmunds right out side of Seattle.) The clouds on the trip to Seattle spanned across the sky. I could see rainstorms in the distance. On one side I could see puffs of clouds casting shadows across the grassy mountains, on the other a city lies in the distance, a cloud reaches down and waters its inhabitants. Its amazing. In New York we don’t get such pretty skies. Its usually either overcast or clear with an occasional streak, a slew of mist in the sky. Nothing ever seems to hold form. I guess thats why clouds make me so happy when I travel.

Part of it had to be because I was so tired. Hell I was hungry too. The only reason why I got off the highway was because I saw a sign for a Quiznos. I can’t even say the sandwich was any good. I had no idea it was going to be spicy and it didn’t even have the flavor to go along with the spice that makes it worth while. Hell I thought it was going to taste like cheddar. (Something with the bread – its all white bread anyway. Same deal at Subway – choose what ever bread you enjoy saying the name of most. Because it’s going to taste the same as all the other bread.) I come to a merge at the end of the exit and wait for the car in front of me to pull out. I look back to make sure nothing was coming and I start off only to realize that the car in front of me hadn’t really left at all. I slammed on the breaks but it was too late. My stuff fell off the passenger seat. I only bumped her – left a mark on the bumper. We traded insurance, I made sure she was alright (we were both fine) and then she left. I even forgot to get her phone number. I pulled off into a parking lot of some mall complex and called my grandparents. I sorta broke down in tears after I hung up. Not only had I bumped so poor lady (who took it quite well) but I had really let down my Grandfather. The horn beeped as I let my head the steering wheel. Awe well, accidents happen. I pulled my self together and went off to go find the Quiznos.

Weather on Road

Remember the storms I saw in the distance? Well I found another one while driving on a mountain pass. At one moment it was sunny and then it wasn’t. I only stayed under the rain for maybe 6 or 7 miles. It was hard to tell because it didn’t end as suddenly as it began. At one point I had to slow down because it became almost impossible to see where I was going. Some hotshot in a SUV buzzed past me a good 30 miles faster then me. Dam show off.

Sleep last night.

I should be in bed now but I want to finish writing. I fell asleep at 10 pm last night and slept like a baby. It was good. I’m hoping not to have as much trouble adjusting to New York time as I think I will. Penny my relatives golden retriever woke me around 9.

I’m too tired to finish this tonight I’ll get back to it tomorrow and tell you about everything else. I everyone is doing well and I hope to see you all soon.

Good night


Road Trip

This morning I drove my mother to the air port so she can start her journey home. I had to getup at 4:30am (western time) to drive her but it was worth it. And on the plus side I’m up early to pack for my trip to Seattle. I’m making the 4 hour trip rather soon. Wish me luck.

Apple opened up their online music service and updated the firmware on thier iPods (not to mention some very nice new iPods). I’m the proud owner of 12 (well my mother gave me 4 dollars to get her 4 songs) legally downloaded songs. I got some Gorillaz “G Sides” that are kind of nice and a got a few matchbox twenty songs. I’d like to see some Red Hot Chili Peppers but I guess their album didn’t sign with apple. *shrug*

Penny Arcade (link to your right) is fighting a legal battle with American Greetings. American Greetings apparently didn’t appreciate their humor. It is quite fortunate that I do. (umm I was going to mirror it but I’m having some trouble uploading it – I’ll give you a link instead) Just to not this is a parody of American McGee who took the story of Alice in Wonderland and make a dark demented video game based off of it. Now he’s doing the same thing to The Wizard of Oz. Well here’s Penny Arcade’s Strawberry Shortcake. The entire reason for the suit is that American Greetings owns Strawberry Shortcake. Who knew?


The familiar beat and path.

I don’t ever update enough. I meant to update this last night and then this morning and it just goes on and on and before you know it I haven’t updated since last year and if I did it wouldn’t matter anyway because no one would be around to read it.

There are a few things I’ve been meaning to announce.

I got a new cell phone the other day. Its insured for 2 years. I got a leather case that clips on and off your belt, car visor, etc. I got a head set but it turns out that even though its a Nokia (notorious for proprietary head sets) this phone uses “Universal head sets” which just means that they finally decided to go with the standards. I gave my old head set to my mom.

My accident two weeks ago in which I messed up my foot was finally diagnosed today. I didn’t want to goto a doctor because frankly I don’t know what they would have done for it. I knew I didn’t break anything (I could move the foot around and my mother tested it by putting a ringing tuning fork up to the bone. If it was broken I would have screamed in pain with the bones vibrating like that.). It turns out that just like one would sprain an ankle or any other joint in the body I had sprained my metatarsel/tarsel joint. What’s that you ask? Its where your toes meet your foot around the middle of your foot. I should be good in 2 more weeks as long as I keep off of it. They offered me a huge boot I could wear to immobilize it. I left the boot behind it was admittedly a little over kill.

I dove back a little into there are still some forum bugs that need working out. But thats that.

I’m looking forward to coming home even though I like it out here. I was just getting used to waking up in the slope every morning. I miss having a constant home.


I don’t post enough.

Let me start this post by saying I have a nice amount of jet-lag (2 hours sleep the night before doesn’t help) and I’m not spell checking (at lest not now) but what else is new?

I started making a list of things (well I didn’t actually) that I want to do once I get back from this trip. This is all assuming my foot is healed (I hurt it last saturday) and I’m not sick (I sorta am now).

I want to start by cleaning out my bedroom. Now it hasn’t been mine in quite a while. I don’t even have my stuff in it, I’m sorta living at franks. I want to first clean it – all the trash, all the paper, all the stuff on the walls (I’m sorry Nick). Then go through all the stuff and make my self an E-Bay account and sell things. I’ll have to check with nick about some of his stuff – I don’t want to get rid of his things but a lot of it is junk he doesn’t really want. (Optional) I might sand the walls and paint them again – they kinda need it. When things are clean I’m going to rework the furniture. Move things around make it more livable.

I’ll work on that all week.

That weekend hopefully I have my car. Frank might give me his once its fixed. I’m kinda happy about it. I want to visit rowan again and hang out with my friends. I also didn’t get to say good bye to two very important people when I left that friday so I want to see them again.

More to come. I’m going to sleep.


Bye bye.

I’m leaving for 12 days tomorow. I’m flying out to me grandparents. Feal free to e-mail me anytime.


Just to note I made the trip just fine. Its now 2:48 pm local time. (5:48 NY time I belive) I’m going to go soak in the hot tub.)

Umm.. Lots of stuff.

A lot of things have happened lately. Let me list them.

1) I got a new phone. Its the same number. And its new to me not exactly a “brand new” phone. I have to thank Cindy for this one. It used to be hers.
2) Frank’s car (which he lent to me for a month) has died. I’ll get into it later but it went in for repair and its not coming out. I left some stuff in it too…
3) I’m taking a leave of absence from Rowan University this semester – I’ll be back next semester. In my own apartment no less (you wouldn’t believe how much money I’ll save. And I won’t need a meal plan – You don’t know how much you get screwed with those.)

4) The day after Easter I’m going to spend 12 days in Washington State visiting my family.

I’m sure there’s more but I have to go rent a van so I can move out of my dorm room on friday.


I hate the RIAA

In recent news the RIAA has been going after college students for illegal file trading. Hell you can be a rat for them too if you so please. They might buy you a pizza or something.

Sherman said that the RIAA will continue to investigate these types of services on college networks and that anyone with knowledge of such systems should report them to RIAA’s music piracy hotline, 1-800-BAD-BEAT. “We hope that these suits serve as a stiff deterrent to anyone who is operating or considering setting up a similar system.”

I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. But I never said they were exactly “wrong”. Stealing music is stealing music and can’t be justified. We’ll see some sort of alternative distribution for bands to release music soon enough but I’m sick of what we got in the mean time. Maybe once its gone we’ll see a large drop in the piracy.

I’m just happy they are still just going after the “dealers” so to speak. I don’t share personally (I’m talking about the legal content I have from my own cds, I’m a responsible consumer and have never downloaded music illegally. =D ) its like sharing needles or something. But people like “RowanMaster” who runs my campus’s DC server should watch out. I personally don’t know him but I do know who he is and he’s a jerk too. If he pisses me off I’d might have to make a phone call. ;-)


Good advice.

I started taking Paxil 3 days ago. Apparently I’m depressed or something, I dunno. If it helps it helps. But its kept my stomach pretty upset (side effects) I can barely eat anything.

In other news someone locked
the student center’s back doors (the main ones) on april fools day and put up signs saying that the entrance was under repair and that students should use the other side. It was funny watching people walk away.

And in final thoughts never sleep walk alone.