Hi, I’m a tleco that makes crappy phones.

My Sprint PCS Touch Point Phone died today. (Never mind that I’m writing this tomorow) The batttery casing fell apart. (It comes loose easily – thats why these phones reset all the time.) I’ve got it scotch taped together while I copy all the numbers out. Its about time I got rid of it.

I’m registering for classes at Rowan for the Fall Semester tomorow. I have a meeting with my advisor (I still don’t know who it is.) tomorow and I’ll work out the finer details with them then.

I had loads and loads of sushi today. I also folowed a dare to eat wayy to much wasabi. I don’t feel very well. Good sushi though. Wow it was good.
I enjoyed that sushi thoroughly. I had a a bunch of things but most importantly I had shrimp tempora in a self titled Lotus roll. (The restraunt is named Lotus Orential.). That was very very good.


A gift for ones self.

A friend of mine got a tattoo. She didn’t get a big one or a flashy one. It was small, on the inside of her ankle. A butterfly. She got it for her self – not to show off. “It’s kinda selfish” she says. She got it to mark the closing one chapter of her life but she wanted to remember the journey so she got the tattoo to remind her. I admire that kind of thing.