As if a million kaz(-)aa users suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

The origional quote from Obi-Wan is “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

Today around 1:30 4 of us gathered around my bosses computer while “flicked” our new Packeteer Packet Shaper. Kaz(-)aa was pulling a whopping 11mb of data a second now only gets 1.5. Webtraffic gets priority (and then our webserves get over all of that) and then probaly the offices and then the students. (Don’t quote me I don’t make policy.)
Games.. I dunno – I’d rate them over file trading but thier hardly critical. What we really need (on top of this) is a better connection. But because of politics and money (plenty of budjet cuts this smester) it won’t happen any time soon.

I’ll fill you all in with my laptop woes and the wonders of my new iPod later. For now its back to work.

NOTE:I forgot to spell check and mention that our school’s total connection only goes up to 20mbits (a bit less actualy but I won’t go into that) I’ll do them both later.


A bunch has happened.

A bunch has happened.

I’m not sure really where to start.

Haikus have been written, friends have been betrayed, people have become close, others have drifted apart, superheroes have a new meaning, changing of life has been identified, important things have been lost, and people will be found.

Anyone out there ever see Adaptation?



It wouldn’t be an interesting day if something didn’t go wrong.

This moring before I left for class I woke up my Powerbook to read my mail and I was greeted with the familiar sound of the hard drive crashing. It’s happened twice before and just a week before I got the hardware so I could back it up it dies. My data is relativly intact. It’s just when reading parts of the drive it takes for ever. I should be able to get 99% of it backed up my self.

At work the two 65 gig drives came in for the mirror server I’m working on. Alice (the server) spent last night building the raid. (Making sure the two drives were exactly the same. It took a couple hours regardless of the fact that both drives were empty. But this way the two drives will never not be the same again (unless they’re messed with) so if one dies the other will be there with the data.) I get to clean up and move the system over to the raid today. Should be fun.

After hours I’m calling Apple. My primary goal is to get them to replace the drive with one of a differn’t type. My secondary goal is to get them to fix the case up and replace the screen (its a bit damaged). I’m also going to try and guilt them into staging an advanced data recovery on my files. That’s normaly very expencive and isn’t worth for me to pay for it. As I said I should be able to get most of it off my self. But it’s Apple’s faulty drive (well they gave it to me anyway) that lost my data so it should be Apple that recovers it for me.

I’ll let you know how things turn out later in the day.


My trip to california in 90.3 seconds.

I figured it would take some cool graphics and links to help draw readers back to the site after its downfall. (Repeated downfalls.)

Let me first present to you, My trip to california in 90.3 seconds!
You can download it here. (Still making it come back later)

I’ve also found a few cool links in my travels over the past few days. Andy Foulds Design falls under the catagory “What the hell do I do with it?” Its a really cool website wich has a bunch of proof of concept flash designs. Everything from test user interfaces to a peep show. (The peep show being the only bit of content that I wouldn’t exactly show your young kids – but they wouldn’t be able to figure out the interface anyway.) I found this guys site by folowing a link my friend Sarah gave me that brought me to an Perpetual BubbleWrap popping game.

I also started to bring the other sections of the site back online. The pictures are now there but the galery script is still broken. The staff page (wich I should just bring over into the pictures anyway) goes into an endless loop (I disabled it) and the contact now points to a working email address.


I had a list of things to rant about.

Would you believe its already February? Wow only 14 more days before I’m the oldest possible teenager. (*note – rant about getting older removed.)

I know this is a shameless plug but I’ll get it over with. Here, Here and here (the last has absolutely nothing to do with the first two – I don’t actually want anything from this site.)

On a much cooler note the first episode of the Animatrix has been released.

(I’m not feeling the talkative vibe today. Maybe later.) Finally I urge you to start reading Diesel Sweeties and to start from the beginning. The current comics don’t make any sense with out the begining… well they’ll make more sense anyhow.