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I found this on slashdot and I thought it might do good reading it.

You know what? (Score:5, Insightful)
by SteweyGriffin (634046) on Saturday December 14, @04:05PM (#4888479)
I plan on living a long, healthy life.

This suit won’t apply to me personally. Some people, yes. But those
people are the same folks who eat fast-food once or twice a day, never
exercise, don’t have any spiritual beliefs or practices.

Jack La Lanne is nearly 100 years old, yet he looks 65 and still works
out every day. I was born in the 1970s, and I plan on living well into
my 120s and 130s. I’m not kidding.

– Eat healthy food. Pretend you’re a car. Would you put sugar into your
gas tank? Of course not. So don’t eat junk food either.
– Exercise. It keeps your mind clean and your body healthy.
– Listen to music. It soothes the soul. Playing music is even better.
– Smile a lot. Be happy. Happy people live longer. They like being
– Have sex/masturbate frequently. The chemicals released during sexual
activity make you feel better and aid normal day-to-day activities.
– Don’t smoke.
– Don’t drink.
– Have beliefs. There has to be some spiritual basis in your mind. You
don’t have to be Catholic or anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t
do yoga or pray to some higher power.

Quit your Coca-Cola + Frito Lay + Computer habit that dominates many of
your lives. I eat pears, apple slices with peanut butter, celery &
peanut butter, raisins, nuts, cereal, etc. while at the computer. Most
of you probably don’t. Ditch those M&Ms for some healthy trail mix!

Oh God, and please smile too! Life isn’t that rough. It’ll be better if
you take things as they come. Just ENJOY being alive! Life is
interesting if nothing else.

And keep games to moderation. This includes Slashdot. Too much of any
one thing is bad. Life your life in moderation. Sleep well!

Good things will come, and you and I will still be roaming these hills
for 100+ years to come!


I had just found a new on campus apartment. Well it was a room in a frat(?) or something… It was a building but it wasn’t that big. They had a room they would rent out for meetings and we’d serve food and drink. Some one moved out so there was a free bed. A lot nicer then my room in mimosa. I had most of stuff there already. My room mate wasn’t around yet. I had moved in but could I stay? I went to the president’s(?) room and talked with him. He said come back when they had their orientation for new arrivals. My case was special I told him. He suggested to go talk with resident’s life. I should try “strongly admiring” the former resident so I could get permanent residence there. (?) I went toward the main living area and a guy and a girl came out looking for a bed and some how got mine. I told them not to make a mess. The girl asked if I was gay, I said no, she said I could join them in a “K”. What? She just repeated her self. I said it was okay and that I had a girlfriend and left.

I was walking bye the student center, it was the Rowan campus but it looked like the area by Stuyvesant high school with the water at near highway 322. Except everything was taller then it should have been. Three people (2 guys and a girl) in some strange green velvet jumpsuit (kinda like the Microsoft butterfly but no wings) walked by and stopped at the corner. It was behind a fence (a small one – I was behind it too) on the grass. They looked up, I looked up, the top of the building exploded and streams of smoke and fire went everywhere. The 3 spray painted some logo on the building and walked off leaving people screaming everywhere. The air smelled of mustard gas. Or how I think mustard gas would smell, sorta like pepper spray. I started running.

I had my friend Michelle with me. Or was it her? Thats what I called her but it didn’t look like her. I told her not to breath but it was a little late. We had to run I had a gas mask at Mimosa even though I had mostly moved into my new place. We were passing people who had passed out standing up. Keep running.

Mimosa has gas masks in the floor. Every 3rd vent has a mask in it. People were swarming all over, running this way and that. I made my way past them, found a vent, took out the mask. Michelle had fallen asleep against the wall. “WAKE UP!” I yelled “you can’t go to sleep”. I put the mask on her and went toward the lobby. “It’s Brazilian — virus” some one said, “move or loose your vitamins”. That didn’t make any sense. I figured the phones were swamped I wondered if my mother was on line – she’d know how to hinder the infection.