And the number 7

I uploaded mikes photos from his trip home last thanksgiving. They’re a year old but we had some fun that day. These photos are also responsible for incriminating me with the destruction of a giant Styrofoam 1.

I’ve also been playing with this little file transfer program called rsync. I have my music on both my desktop and my laptop and I can keep them synced with just one easy command. I’m playing with it for a different reason though. I found a web page with a cool idea for backing stuff up. Its pretty cool.

Alright more later, I want to go return book 4 and get book 5 of Preacher. This is probably one of the best comics I’ve ever read. Tulip and Jesse are amazing. And how doesn’t love Cassidy. This comic deals with everything, from religion (“Yeh know, havin’ met the good lord face to face, I think I can honestly says he’s a bit of a prick.” – Cassidy) to love (“Because living without that girl aint like living at all.” – Jesse Custer) to life (“Dont take no shit off fools, and judge a person by what’s in them, not how they look, and do the right thing. You got to be one of the good guys, because there are way too many of the bad” – John Custer). Its great goodness.


Today’s show is made possible by the letter E

Today I am a proud owner of a Blockbuster Video card. I rented Being
John Malkovich
a film by Charlie Kaufman. And Princess Mononoke or “Mononoke Hime” as it’s originally called. I’ve seen both movies and
they are both very good in their own rights. They don’t necessarily go to gether but that didn’t stop me from
renting them. On a side note my good friend Sarah made a new webcam for me. I probably need to go take a few
more pics.



I’m kind of happy about this. I just got an email.

The Indian Student Council  (ISC) is proud to present the film "MONSOON

Monday, November 25, 7:30 p.m., Mimosa Hall Lounge

Set in present day Delhi, the film celebrates a contemporary India
never before seen on screen. This comedy-drama focuses on the Verma
family, who are about to celebrate their daughter's marriage. With days
to go, the final preparations are chaotically put in place amidst the
arrival of the extended family. However, things get tense among the
family members when hidden agendas, secrets, and fears threaten to
disrupt the wedding.

Refreshments will be served.

You hear that! “Refreshments will be served.”!!
Seriously though its a real good movie, I have an Indian friend who didn’t like it, said India wasn’t like that, and neither were the people. But seriously is America like “Run away bride”? Or Greece like “My big fat Greek wedding”? (Which I’d really like to go see tonight.) Its a good movie, go rent it from your movie stores. God knows *you* people can probably manage to get to them. (I can’t)


Almost a week

I love how big things like this can go unnoticed. Wired News has an article about how a
bug in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer could cause a web page to be able to format your hard drive. Hell it could
do anything actually. Slashdot was talking about how some script kiddy made a site showing how it could install
trogon virus. The kind they wage attacks with. If a kid was smart he could have it collect email addresses or
credit card numbers. Spam enough people with an infected link and you get 10-100 times the amount of addresses
back with most of them working. This site
has a little more info on what you can do to help save your self. But there is nothing yet that can keep you
completely safe from this threat. Well there is something…

Some guy bulk purchased and setup a portal site. Its a nice get rich scheem but he didn’t need my domain! I have though. Not like anyone’s ever going there. .Org is obscure enough.


Its about time.

I’ve gotten too many phone calls and emails about my *dire* situation. I figured that would make some kind of reactions but people thought I was buying drugs or hanging on the street. People! Just because I’m living in Jersey ::shakes head::

I took notes on the ordeal so I wouldn’t forget.

It all stated with me and my friend Sarah talking about doing homework. We got food instead. Well we wanted to but it was 1 am and the food court had just closed. Taco Bell on the other hand is open until 2 am. So we went there.

“Excuse me can you please move I can’t server you with out a car.”

I tried to argue persuade the lady on the other side of the drive through menu to let us buy food. We had money. What’s the problem? We gave up and walked to the Burger King. I made sure to let the people waiting in the drive through line know too.

Burger king, Mc Donalds, Wendy’s, and Dunkin Donuts were all closed. Papa Johns was another story. Pickups close at 1 am it was 1:20 am. Deliveries were still going on though. We asked the people if we could get a pie delivered to the sidewalk in front. The lady was like

“I don’t think were going to do that.”

We walked over to the Block Buster and the guy moping up wanted nothing to do with us. We would have given him a slice of pizza! The Amaco station attendant down the road was more then helpful. He even let me use his phone. Unfortunately that same lady who was rude in front of the Papa Johns was even worse on the phone. She took the order and then;

“Our computer shows that to be an Amaco station”
“It is an Amaco Station”

“I need a phone number.”

I started to give her the phone number of the cell phone but she insisted that it needed to be a land line. The Amaco man dug the station number out of the phone and I gave it to her. She told me to hold on a second and went out side the Papa John’s. We all waved. It took a few minutes but when someone came back on the phone it was the manager.

“I’m sorry but to insure the safety of our drivers we can only deliver to a house.” fucker quit bothering us

I could have argued that a 24 hour Amaco station with security cameras was a hell of a lot safer then a random house or the Papa Johns its self, but it had come to a point where it really didn.t matter what they said or how we responded. The answer was no. I was fucking hungry and I hung up. I thanked the Amaco man, he was real nice, didn’t even want a slice. We were probably the most interesting thing to happen all week. If I had his job I would develop a serious game boy addiction.

We walked past the Papa Johns really close to the window holding out our money. I wanted to yell .fuck you. really loud, I was hungry damm it. Sarah said if we made it back to the dorm really quickly we could call them and order a pizza legitimately (hey! It was plenty legitimate before!). I was still pissed at them but I was hungry too. We started walking back and we ran into a couple walking toward the mall area that we just left.

“Do you know where we can get food?”

We told them about our little adventure. While we were talking a car drove past slowed down and tossed an egg and a zip lock baggie of Tabasco sauce at us and yelled,

“Fuck you! You fucking faggots!”

We all kind of stared at the egg (the baggie barley made it to the curb), it had landed between us missing everyone. I flipped them off. The couple decided to see if Shop Right if was still open and we wished them a good night. Me and Sarah kept walking towards campus.

“Ohh thank heaven its 7-11”

7-11s have food. We walked in and a group of kids started cracking up laughing. We ignored them and started looking at drinks. On their way out this girl turned around,

“We threw an egg at you right? And Tabasco sauce and an onion and hehaha ha ha!”
“You missed.”

The group was drunk and high. They piled into a familiar car and sped off. We dropped off the sodas at the counter and started telling the clerk our story. He said they come in all the time. He also said the girl just back from 2 weeks juvie, and the guys were fined $1000 and $650 all for selling drugs. Apparently he works part time at the Glassburro Court house. The Girls father died when she was 13, he was a legionnaire or something in France. The Girl is only 17 her self and the police can.t wait until she turns 18. She.s not going to come back then. Apparently most Glassboro kids are junkies and the like.

The attendant also lived in Brooklyn for 3 years. He says Brooklyn is better, safer then down town Glassboro too (by the Franklin house). Apparently if I go there I better bring my gun.

He was a real nice guy (says Sarah . I.d listen to her if I were you.) even gave us a discount on our Snack Stix They tasted pretty good too. While we were in there some kids bought a carton of eggs. Its not safe to walk dammit. I hate fucking frats.

On the way home we got to see 2 of the 4 .Ropo. that our campus has on call at any given moment. Not like they have thousands of square feet to patrol, they can just hang out together if they want to. Fine By ME. I’ll rant about the security around here later. I want to change a few things.

That’s it my notes end there. I skipped something about my friends being drunk when I got home but it was a Saturday night so that’s a given. But once everyone calmed down we all talked and had a good time.

On a completely unrelated note I’d like to add that everyone’s so obsessed with fucking football dammit! My high school didn’t even have a field up until recently and still nobody cares. Sweet Jesus.


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Big update comming

I had quite a night but its too early in the morning for a real update. I’ve never had a drunk drug dealer throw eggs at me before. I’ve never had anyone throw eggs at me before. All because I didn’t have a car! Dammit, all I wanted was a VW.




This week I have quite a bit of work to err… work on. My chemistry
teacher was kind enough (and from a distance of about 5 feet) to let me
take today’s test on Tuesday because of my absence. She was just as
eager to keep the hell away from me as well. (Some people really don’t want to
get sick) But she did go over the test with me while the class was
taking it and she gave me the homework for the chapters the test
covered. With a little elbow grease I should be able to do pretty well
on Tuesday.

I shouldn’t be thinking of this now but a QoS setup is
something Petra really needs. QoS is a rule set that a computer can use
to determine what kinds of packets get priority over the other ones.
Right now I’m transferring some files from home to school and Petra’s
responsiveness as I write this (I write all my updates on Petra herself
over a terminal) sucks ass. I can write almost two words before I seem
them. If I had QoS turned on I could give priority to the ACK packets
and help improve the responsiveness. Honestly I don’t know if it would
help how fast the text shows but at least the website would still be
responsive. You’d be able to connect like normal but the load time would
still be just as slow.

Now that I’ve lost half of my audience let me
throw you a few links to hold you over until my next update.

talks about the show “trading spaces” thats on lifetime or
somthing. 2 couples trade houses for 48 hours and remodel a room for
under $1000. Aparently they do horrible things to the rooms. I’m not
suprised personaly. Have you ever had a contractor remodel a room for
under 1000$?
another Trading Spaces link
I found out that one renavation made a
poor woman cry. -eep!
PPR– Hehe you thought you
excape it didn’t you. =D <--evil grin
– I’m not going to vouch for any of these here.
I haven’t played yet but it made it to slashdot so its got to be at
least shiney.

As an end note it looks
like I need to update my router. Funny I had turned off the vulnerable
feature long ago.



I fixed mail! Yahoo!
Honestly I don’t know what
broke. All I did was restart. I feel dumb about it too, because I
restarted the server not the mail deamon. I shouldn’t be using such a
crappy misconfigured deamon anyway. At least I’m not open for realying.
No spam comming of me. No message from me comming of me either. I never
did get user authentication working.

Yay I fixed Now only if I knew what broke in
the first place.


There is no escape from The Muffin

Andrew I am so on to you. =D
(hehe bad link – fixed now)

For thoes of you who didn’t attend my highschool shortly after
12/06/2001 probaly won’t get this jab. Andrew
who happened to have been a reader of Real Life around that time and
happened to have an “epiphany” about how to make normal words sound evil. I won’t claim that if I had been
reading the comic instead I could have started a 2 month inside joke for about 9 people. Andrew has a kind of
whit you don’t find with too many people.