I just woke up. God I’m sick. Oh and mail seems to be broken. Don’t ask me why.


Shudder.. Glad I wasn’t around for that.

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Zazen: The Fundamental Meditation of Zen
I think I’ve fallen in love.

*UPDATE* – I got to stop these.
Since it is Halloween I’m posting Sarah’s gift to the holiday. Happy Halloween
No more updates, I’m going to bed.

I couldn’t resist. Geek Bling Bling


Heh I forgot to close that center tag. That was interesting.

Gabe is Angry Again

Registration is closed.
I hate school.
I’m under the opinion that the registration process is setup for people who magicly know all the classes and when they are and how they fit together. They have this handy dandy tool that helps you organize your classes but its got its problems.
1) It won’t tell you if a class is open or closed. In order to find this out you need to sort through 3 pages of submenus till you get a nice little table of the classes.
2) It won’t register you for the classes. You need to get the 5 digit call number for the 7 digit class number to register the class and then goto a differn’t part of the “web for students” system.
3) You can’t have multiple windows within the web for students system. It aparently has some session tracking with out cookies. I applaude the attempt but they should have played with it on a message board not our fucking registration.
4) The course search/schedule maker defaults to fall 2002 term. I spent 15 minutes (I needed that 15 minutes! read below) franticly looking for a course of mine that dissapeared.

I ran out of time and therefore I am only registered for 3 of 5 classes. My schedule looks like this.

As apposed to this.

Which still sucks a lot of ass. Four fucking 8am classes and nothing I can do about it. Well thats only 4 if I can actualy get that class. I need that class but I’ll have to check in the morning.

I’m self medicating with pocky. Its good food for not actualy being food. I’m also told I probaly have mono. Which I find hard to belive since I already had it about 4 years ago (sucked then) and I don’t feel completely wasted now. I’ll I do know is that it hurts like hell to swolow, I have a gland thats making my neck swell to about twice the normal size and its not strep throught. I get the results for my lab tests (on my blood) tomorow and on friday (2 tests). If it is mono then nothing happens. I live with it. If it’s not then nothing happens. They’ll just tell me to rest and drink liquids.

On a side note I had to walk about an hour in the rain to find the lab place to get my blood test. The directions the people at the medical center gave me sent me about a mile out of my way. If they didn’t try to keep me not sick I’d hate them too. For now I’ll just hate the registrars office.



I spent the greater part of yesterday figuring out how to register for classes. I got it down pat, but it was past 7pm so the website closed. They closed the website. Anyone else see the irony in that?

My monitor seems to have failed. I can still see things but there is ghosting everywhere and streaks across the board. It.s a goner.

I started work today. In fact I’m at work right now. It.s boring. I’m not actually working yet… I’m stuck with the “Shop” for a while – they repair computers across the campus student, faculty, and labs alike. Cool bunch of people but not much to do.

Just a note; the comics to the left are my personal favorites. I’m not actually affiliated with any of them. I did actually get to meet the people from Machall and Mega Tokyo though. Cool people they love what they do. (Check Otakon pictures)

I want to find a way to make the pictures load faster. Most of them are huge. But I could probably stand to go and crop, resize, and delete a whole bunch of them. I’d like to make my site friendly to the people with “country dial up” connections too.



This 3.5 meg movie of a rainbow was taken on my nikon
coolpix 995 digital camera. The origional was 11mb! The poeple you see in the movie are some of my friends. From
left to right you’ll see Sarah, James, and Michelle.
Sarah is an undeclared major but is moving towards “psych, sociology, art, or eduction”. James is another ECE
like myself (electrical and computer
engineering). And Michelle is a Vocal Education major.

The rainbow appeared during a break in our
heavy rain that we got last week. It only lasted about 20 minutes but it was quite beautiful.


Fire fire firedrills

Forgive me Readers it has been 8 days since my last confession…

We have had 7 fire alarms go off in 2 days. I was showering for 1, sleeping for 2, was late for class because of 1, and cursed almost everytime. I was worse then a sailor. Public Saftey’s responce is “The system is responding to stumli, its doing what it’s suposed to do. We just need to find out what that stimuli is.” So they don’t know why around 530 sleeping students had to wake up and go into the cold (the rain stopped thank god) and wait for 15 minutes. I’m going to loose my hearing walking out of the building over and over again.

I forgot to mention that one of thoes were at 3:30 in the morning. I found out that this week we’ve had a total of 10 alarms. Aparently since its gotten cold people have started taking hot steamy showers. This conflits with the smoke detectors in the bathrooms, they think its smoke.

Yesterday was the worst day for alarms so far. Despite the 5 alarms I also set off the security system in a computer lab when I was playing with the fiber optic wire that connects all the computers in the room. If you ever find a system like that don’t bend the wire. Its a loud aftermath. I’m about to upload some more pictures (I don’t feel like sorting anything so I’m going to make a “Camera Dump” folder) and I made a small movie of a rainbow that poped up when the rain broke yesterday evening. I need to reduce the filesize though. My camera made it 11mbs. Later.


Monday, a day that will live in… oh god its so horrible.

I’m personaly doing fine. But… I just have 6 words for you.

CIA Special Agent DR. LEX LUTHOR.

I’m going to fucking cry. Their going to kill Superman. Not kill him
like “Doomsday” did. Not kill him like any villan has tried before. They
are going to make people hate superman. This *movie* while looking cool,
having amazing action sequences, and cool charecters is NOT in anyway
shape or form what Superman really is. I meen Krypton doesn’t even
fucking explode.