Anime Sodomaya Hi-Fun-SuperCOW!!!

I feel like crap. I slept but I must have ran a marathon in my sleep or
something. I ended up sleeping through my alarm clock for like 2 and a
half hours or something. I think I’m going to setup my desktop to blast
System of a Down around 8am weekdays. Luckly I didn’t miss any classes.
Wierdly Scott my roommate didn’t wake up either.

I had a friend
ask me what anime charecter she was most like. I had no idea but I think
I want to make up persona’s for Ender, Peter, and Petra. Well actualy
just Petra – the other ones I don’t care about right now. I saw a
drawing and I think it suits her but I can’t find it now and I don’t
remember who drew it. (Blarg!) Maybe I’ll get My friends to draw

I compleatly lost my train of thought. Umm.. Petra’s
going over to gentoo probaly over the winter break. I love it – but I
don’t know enough about it to do it anytime soon. Oh and I live in Jersey
so that doesn’t help. (She doesn’t) And I got a job here. Its realy cool
and I’ll be learning a lot from it but I don’t care to talk about it now.



My laptop works… but its got a white glow in the bottom right corner and the hard drive is going to die – I know this because it told me. “Whiinneee whiiiinnee whiiineee” Not the best noise for one to make eh?

School’s good – but I fear that I’ll never actually do anything in engineering clinic. Today we took another survey and got back last weeks. Last weeks survey was actually useful. It was to determine what types of learners we are so they could pair us up in effective well balanced groups. Unfortunately the spread was so thin it didn’t matter. (We’re all the same – which is kind of unique…)

I need to go study… something about being an expert on Poland… dunno.


(sometime later…) Holy shit. fool!

I’m friggen loosing it

Today my laptop had an unfortunately accident with the ground. Now it won’t turn on and apple won’t cover the damage on the warranty. (I bugged the hell out of them and still no good.) Now getting the package to them is becoming a chore too. I need to first get the package and then put my laptop in it and then give it to them. (“You can drive to airborne and they’ll take it from you.”) I’m having it shipped to Brooklyn instead and when I’m there for my brothers birthday this weekend I can get the box and send it out. Now all I need to worry about is my data because I don’t want to spend the 50$ to protect my data from them. I need a machine with a pcmcia port, the ability to read hfh+, and plenty of hd space… or at least network access. My desktop has plenty of hd space. I have homework to do.



Today I found out that the Sci-Fi channel was canceling Farscape. Not because it sucked or nobody watches it but because it was becoming too expensive to make. Slashdot is running an artical about it. So I called Sci-Fi’s Viewer comment line at 212-413-5000 and left a message. I also went to this web page and sent a fax (free) to these numbers 212-413-6531 212-413-6522 212-413-6503 212-413-6524. Requesting them not to cancel it. I think I’ve done my part. Do yours. =)
Save Farscape


I’m moving the pics…

I’m consolidating the Otakon pics in the pictures script.
I went swiming today it was uberfun but it made me realize just how out of shape I was in. I want my camera! Hope people are doing well sorry for the short posts latly. Talk to you all later.

Its a bit later. Some jerk took a sharpie to the walls and wrote shit
everywhere and now we all have to pay. $$$ jerks…