Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Ok, I figured that there was no point in posting until I had something to post. “Does this
post mean you changed your mind, then”, you ask? No you fool! It means… that I have something
to post! That friend of a friend who has that comics site at
Imagination Comics
has finally returned from the great white north and is living about five
blocks from me. This means that I will soon begin working on migrating his site off geoshi-i mean
geocities and onto our spacious but lonely servers. I haven’t talked to Francis in about 3 weeks,
so I have no idea what this Petra (Dawn-Ann) business is, but you can rest assured that I won’t
lose any sleep over it. Having put your minds, however pathetic, at ease, I shall leave you once
Wireheadedly yours,


Petra (Dawn-Ann) is now truly a headless server. For some reason today her keyboard inputs started messing up and failed completely. Her mouse wasn’t hooked up at the time but its dead too. After some work I found the problem is hardware on the motherboard. Sucks for me. I think it doesn’t matter though as long as things continue to work. I can only pray though.


Cable VS. DSL

When I got DSL it took 6 weeks. It was slow and latent and if it didn’t blow dial-up access out of the water it would have hardly been worth the trouble. I ended up changing providers, modems, speeds, and locations before ending up with my Earthlink connection at 1.5mbit/s downstream and about 80kbits up.
I got cable Internet from time warner in two days. I get 2mbits a second down and about 1mbit up, on a bad day.
I’m back from vacation and I’m tying up loose ends before school starts. Expect PHP-Nuke to be installed as soon as MySQL woes are straitened out.



These people rock. Ever since the beginning I’ve had problems with people accessing my site. That is now over. I’m on a 2 day visit back to NY but I leave again tomorrow. Thank god for the open source community. If it weren’t for them I would have never figured out how to fix the stupid problem (MTU needs to = 1472 not 1500 and I still don’t know why).
And props to Kevin.


I love to drive

I’m officially away on vacation right now but my mom needed to take a test back here in the city so I drove her in. I’ll be here until sometime tomorrow, but I would like to make it back before people leave their camp fires.

Emily has taken this vacation time to learn PHP, she has created (from almost scratch) a completely new news PHP (we’re not using it as of yet) it looked pretty cool and seemed to have some support for different users. It will be cool to see what she does with it.

I’ve taken this summer to teach my self Linux. Of course I’ll never finish, but I’d like to think I’m getting somewhere. I’m living in a cabin in the woods right now. (I’ll get back the 26th) I love it there, and I get to drive around there (as well as in the city, but who needs to?). Seven of us pile into the car and drive. We goto this lake thats nearby. Its wonderful out there, I love it. Oh and try out that should point to some of Emily’s work.

Andrew has been enjoying his summer. He hasn’t been doing much he says but he’s loving every moment of it.

Mike is leaving for college on the 21st. Wish him luck.

Casey is a friend of mine who might become another member of this staff, he’s pretty talented with MySQL and PHP. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be with us but I just haven’t talked with anyone yet.

Mike came over and helped me with Petra’s new kernel. He couldn’t get the net-card to work either (he tried a whole lot harder then I did too) so I stuck a new one in, and now its all good. (I got a few lying around)

“PHPNuke” look it up, you’ll see.