Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Ok, I figured that there was no point in posting until I had something to post. “Does this
post mean you changed your mind, then”, you ask? No you fool! It means… that I have something
to post! That friend of a friend who has that comics site at
Imagination Comics
has finally returned from the great white north and is living about five
blocks from me. This means that I will soon begin working on migrating his site off geoshi-i mean
geocities and onto our spacious but lonely servers. I haven’t talked to Francis in about 3 weeks,
so I have no idea what this Petra (Dawn-Ann) business is, but you can rest assured that I won’t
lose any sleep over it. Having put your minds, however pathetic, at ease, I shall leave you once
Wireheadedly yours,


Petra (Dawn-Ann) is now truly a headless server. For some reason today her keyboard inputs started messing up and failed completely. Her mouse wasn’t hooked up at the time but its dead too. After some work I found the problem is hardware on the motherboard. Sucks for me. I think it doesn’t matter though as long as things continue to work. I can only pray though.