Status (been a long while)

Petra has her old kernel back. Bout time. Well her new one doesn’t like to use her network card. I should have it all fixed up by tonight (well later tonight.)
Oh and I’m home.
And I cut myself for the first time while shaving today. I think its because I ordered an electric one from amazon the other day. It didn’t want to leave with out a mark.


Status (updated)

Remote access to Petra has been halted for today and possible tomorrow. I’m doing my first kernel upgrade. Wish me luck.
(My lack of computer time struck again and I have been unable to complete the compile and setup, it needs a good hour or so of uninterrupted access and I don’t have that yet)


Quick Ideas

I don’t have constant computer access out here but I do have a few things to mention.
1) I’ll be able to setup virtual domains quite easily for the cartoon site. I also have no problem providing web space, its just a matter of needed time. (and how his domain name will work out)
2) feel free to make any changes or additions to the site while I’m gone, as far as I’m concerned its as much my site as it is yours.
3) Never Never Never hike 3 miles up into a mountain in somebody else’s borrowed sandals, if you plan to go swimming bring a backpack and keep them in there.


Miss me?

Tit’s me again. No, not him, he’s in the middle of the desert. To tell the truth, I’ve been afraid to show my face around here, due to the fact that I have done nothing but make snide and sarcastic remarks on this page. So where did I get the courage to post once more, you ask? Why, I am in the process of getting a buddy of mine’s comic site moved here. This is taking a while because he’s in Canada (shudder) right now, and I can only talk to him every week or two for about 15 minutes.
You can visit his site now here but be forewarned: it is infested with popups and banners. Aside from that, there’s little to report. Francis and Mike have both gone, so don’t expect any big changes until one of them gets back. I’m doing my best to learn enough to add the aformentioned comics site to ours, but don’t expect to much from little old me and Emily. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I’m sure it got off the ground faster than we are.


Cya all

Well this is it, I’m gone for 3 weeks. I finaly got the dynamic IP updater to play friendly so will stay up by its self. I failed to get the new kernel in place though, I just didn’t have time. Maybe If I’m luck Koudelka will find him self board one night and do it him self. But its not bloody likely. (Its ok, he’s going to be busy enough for him self.) I should probably stop screwing around and finish packing, then goto bed. I have to leave for the air port in 4 hours…
Well enjoy your selves everybody. I know I’ll try to.