Gnutella… Limewire

Koudelka kindly wrote a script for us that will correct any files that are “touched by windows”. Oh and not this this is the forum for this kind of stuff but get “Limewire” its realy much better then napster in all regard.

Oh and if our content director could start with adding real stuff to the staff page, that would be cool. I’ll get the photos I have in the appropieate directory sometime tomorow, but I’ve been pretty bussy packing latly so I havent gotten around to it. (not that this is excusing the weeks before when I could have done it) Umm… Have a happy day. =)


Staff page, tweaks, staff pics, notepad, and napster

It’s hard to believe that using notepad was the cause of the problems. We shouldn’t have to worry about that any longer, as I am now using nano. I fixed the staff page as requested and I am still tweaking the appearance of the pages. It’s going to take some thinking to automatically insert staff pics in front of their updates. I’m pretty sure this will require an if…then block or a select case (switch) structure, but I’m not sure how the php will detect who the updater is from the news text file. I’ll figure it out eventually (I hope).

In unrelated news, Napster is really cracking down on the swapping of copyrighted songs. It has disabled all old versions of its software and is forcing users to download a new restricted version. I don’t know about you, but I think this is pretty sad.
mecha, student

Troubleshooting and Notepad..

Just as a note to everybody, I hate Microsoft’s notepad. It likes to do thing the microsoft way (wich is always wrong) and add a single charecter to the end of every line it writes (one that looks like this “^M” actualy). This is bad and evil and horrible. This is also the reason why the news was screwed up. I fixed the news entries and the dammaged php code.(I also implimented the new design thoughout the site. Oh and on a side note; It would be nice if someone who understood tables to thier fullest took a look at the staff.php code and fix the tables so when you add an include for the template2.html it doesnt foul up.

Last night I upgraded Petra to the Unstable release of Debian so the new kernal can be put into place. Quite an experiance for me (I’m only starting to get the hang of this, but I like it) but it also broke Apache’s php4 module and the graphical login on my end, I fixed apache.

Content? Sorta…

In a quest for content before I leave for 3 weeks. I fixed the staff.php (the staff links now work) It still needs some esthetic changes (hint hint I just wish someone could help me with that…. hint hint) and real staff pics and bios, but the php is finished (our good friend koudelda wrote it on a whim one day and never finished it). Well I’m off to bed, but I plan to keep things rolling until I leave on Monday.

The new design, troubleshooting the new design, etc.

I finally got around to implementing the new design. I thought everything was going smoothly until I noticed that the php parser was not (and is not) recognizing the separation of news updates. Now, it’s time for the famous troubleshooting process (oh you know, that meticulous dissecting of code for hours only to discover that the problem is a typo or simple logical error that you could have fixed in three seconds). I have to figure out whether the problem is in the php code, the html embedded in the php file, or the news text file itself. I thought that the cause of the error was the use of the period and line break as a separator of the updates in the news text file so I replaced each of them with the tilda (~). Apparently, I was wrong. Wish me luck, and if you’re reading this, staff members, help! On an equally cheerful note, although I can ftp into roborooter, I can’t telnet into it. =P
mecha, student


Peter died… Twice… Well after more then 2 weeks of “error 404, not found” is back. Most of the stuff from peter is transfered over and I think we are now accessable from everywhere. (yippy!) I also made this server by my self 100% which I’m also proud of. It consists of:
2 Celeron 450s
64mbs of ram (not too much but, well.. $)
a 4 gig hd (not too much but…)
a 60 gig drive ( =D its for backups, realy!) and some other stuff… Its also a full tower case that lumbers under my desk like a giant. Its a huge case! I also want to get this sometime soon, it would be very cool. Look for another major update soon.

This space for rent

This just in from the MOTD:
get RC5 or seti or something (load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00)
figure out why some machines cant acces us from the web
get some money
move peter to a better connection (working on it, problay this summer)
get peter as a print server
remember that the morning does not start at 2pm

Looks like things will happen “Soon”.

Uh oh…

I’ve rediscovered DslReports and made an account. I was playing around and ran a line test on my connection. I found the dissipointing results here. I will definatly be changing the location of this server.
Other news I got my cast removed today. The arm is still fractured though… It will be a few more weeks untill the bone is healed and then a few more untill my mussles return. (It’s scary my left arm looks like its not my own.)


As a public service, I’m posting the final exam schedule for tech. By the way, tech’s calendar says report cards go out on the 27th, so needless to say, final excuses are due by then.

Monday 11th
1 8:25- 8:42 class
2 8:46- 9:29 class
3 9:33-10:16 class
4 10:20-11:03 class
5 11:07-11:50 class
6 11:54-12:37 class
7 12:41- 1:41 EXAM
8 1:45- 2:45 EXAM

Tuesday 12th
2 8:46- 9:29 class
3 9:33-10:16 class
4 10:20-11:20 EXAM
5 11:24-12:24 EXAM
6 12:28- 1:28 EXAM

Wednesday 13th
1 8:46- 9:46 EXAM
2 9:50-10:50 EXAM
3 10:54-11:54 EXAM
9 11:58-12:58 EXAM