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Just a short message from the (ha ha) Content Director, here… If there were actual people seeing this it might matter, but whatever. Anyway, I cleaned up some of the older news on this page (failure to follow the conventions of standard written english, mostly) and dropped a bit of despair and cynicism off for you. Francis is very proud that his downloads page is now up. I’m the one who wrote those descriptions, so they will remain sketchy until I actually see the movies. Content is coming…


I found out that my arm pain recently is not because its badly bruised. I have a hairline fracture in my elbow. I waited a few days hoping the pain would go away (I’d not rather panic and go to the hospital every time I hurt myself) but it didn’t, so I went to a doctor and got an X-ray. I’m now the proud owner of a cast. I can hardly wait for the 3 weeks that I need to keep this thing on me to end. At least it doesnt hurt much.
(not actually my arm —>)

It wasn’t ready

Today I fixed a potential head crash in Peter’s new hard drive. (Peter is my server) I just remembered to always check the jumper settings in the manual, not just on the drive. (I’m hating western digital)

I also ended up calling their tech support at one point, and found out that sending your drive in for data recovery can cost anywhere between $100-$5000 dollars.

If my drive was in fact dead then I would want to get its data recovered (I didn’t have to but it would have been nice) but after hearing that price tag it was no longer an option. If you look to the right you’ll see the jumper configuration for all new EIDE drives. On the actual drives you’ll see something quite different. Apparently these are *special* settings for drives larger then 2 gigabytes.

A little update

I decided that the main roborooter page was temporary and should go away. I’ve also discovered that while all my information is intact (thank god) the new drive still has some problems. So tonight I’m transfering all its information onto my main machine so I can reinitialize it tomorow. Every thing should be intact untill I start working on it, but then I’m sure nobody will notice anyhow…

No! I’m not ready to go live!

Today roborooter is going live. Its not currently live (because it still looks like crap and has links to people I don’t know) but later today when things improve you’ll be able to see it in all its failing glory. The reason for the update (not because it needs it) is because I’m finaly geting somebody that knows what they’re doing when it comes to html to help out. (I used to know how…) Well I’m hoping it comes out good and it should judging from her other works.