Font Face

I got a new work laptop so it was time to bikeshed about my setup. I’ve switched to zsh (oh-my-zsh), iTerm2 (I finally get why you all like it!) and my colors are immutable but my font sure isn’t.

People suggested a bunch of fonts.






I think I like panic sans the most.


First Commit in NodeJS Core!

I’ve got a few commits around Node.js’s related projects. One or two on npm, countless on node-serialport, a few on node-pre-gyp, many others. It’s been a nice long line of fixing bugs for myself and seeing small messes and cleaning them.

Now I have a commit on Node.js itself =)

A little while ago I saw this tweet from my friend Myles. He works on maintaining Node.JS LTS and making sure our apps won’t break as they age.

So I checked it out and looked at the tool he was talking about changing and thankfully it was pretty strait forward to do what he wanted to do. So I made a branch and after asking for some feedback I opened a pull request. After some more feedback and changes, and after making sure my commit met with the standards and conventions the project uses it got a bunch of approvals.

And then it sat until I got this message.

What!? I didn’t even know he was speaking.


I think in a few weeks I’ll have a video of my first commit landing, along with a stellar talk too. =p