Election maps

Election maps.

This site demonstrates a point that I was talking about the other day. There is a lot fewer people in the “Bread Basket” then there are along the coasts (Including the Gulf of Mexico). I was relating the age of the civilization in the area of the country to it’s tolerance for cultures and it’s diversity. Notice I said relating, not correlating. I don’t have any data for this theory yet, just some poor observations.

Election results by county.
County Map by Area

Election results by country as an area cartogram based off of population of counties.
County Map weighted by population

Cartograms are wonderfully powerful at conveying data (maybe not as wonderful at representing data). You should take a look at a few samples of them before you move on.


3 thoughts on “Election maps

  1. You know, I recall glancing at that cartogram while I was visiting you last weekend. And, it looked quite familiar to me at the time. But I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at that moment, so I quickly dismissed it to my subconscious. Now, over a week later, I find myself whistling “Wave of Mutilation” while sitting at my desk at work. Suddenly, everything just clicks. It occurs to me what movie has that song in it, and why that cartogram looked so familiar to me a week ago. (I don’t know if I can use HTML in here, so I’m going to just type it straight-away.)
    Sure enough, I went and watched the trailer, and it includes the song. On a side note, I suppose that explains why I thought to interject clips of Monty Python’s Flying Circus with a video of “All these Things that I’ve Done”.
    In conclusion, I’m always amazed by the things your mind will do without your conscent.

  2. Woh… I’ve let the guy know. That’s awesome. It looks like they took this one.
    According to his site his maps are licensed by a Creative Commons Attribution license so they would have had to have let him know that they used it. I also think they might have to say something in the poster (or movie credits?). The author of the maps Mark Newman does state on his site that he’d appreciate it if you would let him know if you use them. I guess that would override the license.

    Come to think of it, I didn’t let him know I used them, but I think I’m covered under fair use. And yea no html allowed in the comments.

  3. Well, for starters, Southland Tales was made in 2006, so if you want to look for a matching cartogram, you’d have to go back to the 2004 election. Though, it is eerily similar to the 2008 cartogram you pointed out. One major difference between the cartograms is the handling of bodies of water. The Newman cartograms seem to preserve the size of bodies of water, while the Southland Tales cartograms seem to shrink them down to a rough outline. This difference is most notable in the Great Lakes, Tampa Bay, and the bodies of water surrounding Long Island.

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