Miracle Berry Tablets

Me and Miracle Berry Tablets
Me and Miracle Berry Tablets

Miracle fruit or berries makes sour things taste sweet. An effect that apparently is quite amazing.

From the supplier’s website.
The active ingredient in the Miracle Berry Fruit, known as Miraclulin coats the tongue and blocks out the taste bud receptors which are responsible for sour, bitter and acidic flavours. The outcome is that all foods which taste sour, bitter or acidic miraculously come to taste sweet.

Once I was told you could solve the problem with transporting “Miracle” berries by freeze drying them (they spoil quickly) and that you could buy said berries online for $20 dollars, I immediately bought them.

It comes with 10 pills each formerly being 3 berries. Think geek says you should cut them in half for twenty servings. The official supplier claims that even fresh berries start loosing their effects due to age and that problem doesn’t exist after it’s been freeze dried.

I’m going to have to try it to find out =)


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  1. There might be a good reason why something might taste sour, and you might want to know about it. It might be dangerous to eat, and you would probably want the warning. I would certainly want to know if a glass of champagne was sour!!

  2. HAH! That is AWESOME! I want to try them now and then try some cranberry juice. Experiment.. FOR SCIENCE!

  3. They totally work.

    We should have a tasting event. The effect is substantially unsubtle and if you read the wiki page you can see the SCIENCE behind it. So it’s more on your head then in your head.

  4. I want to try them anyway. But Frank is right that taste has a purpose. Sour flavors trigger the liver, bitter flavors trigger the gallbladder and sweet flavors, even without sugar, trigger the pancreas to release insulin. That is why diet soda is bad for your diet.

    But heck, it sound like fun and at that price you won’t make it a habit.

  5. And if sweet flavors “trigger” the pancreas to release insulin, why don’t diabetics just suck on some candy and then spit it out to get their daily dose of insulin instead of paying for costly shots?

  6. Mike, if it were only that simple. Type 1 diabetics suffer from an autoimmune disease that destroys the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Type 2 diabetics suffer from a metabolic disorder which reduces the amount of insulin that the pancreas produces. ( Its much more complex that that, of course, but thats the bottom line.) Thus, there is a need for injecting insulin into the body. I am sure that Karen was referring to persons who are not diabetic. BTW, alcohol reduces blood glucose levels, and I have jested that if I drank enough I might not have to take insulin. Sadly, however, my college days are long over!

  7. Mike,

    The sour taste triggers your liver to secrete bile, which is one of the most important chemicals for digestion, nutrition and even preventing depression since your gut makes most of your serotonin. The bile goes to your gallbladder where a bitter taste increases secretion into your GI tract. That is why in the European tradition they have bitters before meals, something that would help most people’s health. The tastes are not just aesthetic experiences, they exist to trigger specific biochemical reactions.

    As for insulin, well that is something that type 1 diabetics don’t have, so the sweet taste can’t trigger it.

    Type 2 diabetics in the early stage suffer from hyperinsulemia, too much insulin which makes the cells insulin resistant. Taking something that tastes sweet, even if it isn’t real sugar, causes the insulin to spike in anticipation of sugar. Insulin is terribly corrosive if it hangs out in the bloodstream and eats away at arteries and stimulates cancer through its insulin growth factor.

    The fake sweet won’t feed their brain, which runs on glucose though. If insulin is triggered, or injected, and there isn’t food coming, it can cause a coma. Type 2 diabetics near coma are given glucose or orange juice if they are conscious enough. When I was out on an EMT call, we had to give 7 doses of liquid glucose to keep a man alive until the paramedics with IVs arrived. Too much sugar might kill you slowly but not enough can take you down in minutes.

  8. Jess,

    Salt works on your kidneys, which regulate your electrolyte balance. You know the Boston marathoners who drank too much water and died? If they had given them salty potato chips instead of more water after the race, they might be alive.

    Too much salt OTOH causes your blood vessels to swell because salt attracts water and your blood pressure goes up.

    As I said before, taste is not just an incidental experience, it is a trigger for your body functions.

  9. Karen,

    “The sour taste triggers your liver to secrete bile, ”

    Can you offer any sources for your claim?

  10. Any basic physiology or endocrinology book. How about : The Autonomic Control of Endocrine Secretion in Exercise Endocrinology. Or “Enteroendocrine cells: a site of ‘taste’ in gastrointestinal chemosensing.” which deals with sweet and bitter tastes, among others and their associated G-proteins.

  11. Also googling “visceral afferents” will give you a lot of the recent evidence of taste signalling of endocrine and paraendocrine secretions.

  12. I am specifically interested in your claim that sour tastes cause the liver to secrete bile.

    I read “The Autonomic Control of Endocrine Secretion” in the “Exercise Endocrinology” book on google books, here: http://books.google.com/books?id=QwgDejlLrc4C&pg=PA25&lpg=PA25&&source=web&ots=-q__izu8tB&sig=_Jd2lj_hdfLFwQiI1uzFY3xd89w&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=4&ct=result#PPA25,M1 including the strangely misspelled section “Gastrointenstinal Hormones” and saw no information indicating that bitter tastes cause the release of bile in the liver.

    I googled “visceral afferents” and saw little “recent evidence” of taste signaling, perhaps you googled something different.

    I’m additionally interested in your claim that sweet flavors trigger insulin release.

  13. My blog isn’t a place for this debate. I’ve got little to do with the issues you two are fighting over and I don’t like the tone this has taken. Feel free to contact me for each others emails.

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