Server Problems

Well the raid still isn’t working…

I’m kinda bumbed out about it.

Btw I don’t think I’ve mentioned I’ve got a 9-5 job now.

ME <--- sold out I've been there 3 months and I think it's working out well. It's easy work but it's constant and it pays well. And as of the other day it's paying a little weller. (Shush, it's a word today.) A paycheck isn't quite rent yet, and the state of nj decided to screw me over again, and I just paid for all this hardware that isn't working yet, and it's like... I got this money (not a lot more, but it adds up over a year) and it's still like bill'a'licious over here. Blah.. I'm sure there are more interesting things going on in my life. But this is my blog and I 'll write what I feel like writing. Live with it. =D -Francis

One thought on “Server Problems

  1. you didn’t sell out. you are doing what you need to do right now. also, doing what you need to to be happy in the future

    you’ll never give in to the man completely.

    and soon with more moneys, things will even out. yay for real 40 hour work weeks. blarg. >_<

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