No actually, really free. Honest to god.

Cd’s used, mine no less. Actual original CDs, I do buy music sometimes, you know.

Villans by The Verve Pipe

Heavy Surveillance by Dilated Peoples

While we sleep by the Shulman System (Jazz – good jazz)

The Wall by Pink Floyd

Horrorscope by Eve6

All free, first come first serve. I may give priority to anyone who helps me move.


PS If I don’t know you, you can’t help me move, unless I’m convinced you are exceptionally cool.

2 thoughts on “FREE MUSIC 1 DOLLAR!

  1. Francis,
    This is Carola, a teacher at MS51. We have big computer problems and my husband doesn’t want any more strangers to come over to our place and fuck it up even more. So I did an internet search for your name and this seemed to hit the mark. Are you moving? Will you be in or around Brooklyn? Do you want to come over and make some bucks? Fix our pathetic computer and get a meal for God’s sake.
    718 256-5621

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